UMB Cybersecurity: Modular Protection for a Digital World.

Threat situations are constantly changing. And digitization is creating new threats. The better you understand your specific, relevant threat situation, the more accurately you can protect yourself. UMB cybersecurity means superior protection in a complex digital world.


The dynamics of cyberattacks are almost impossible to keep track of. Thanks to modular cybersecurity services, UMB creates permanent protection in an increasingly digital and complex world. Thus we create not only security but also time - for example for your core business.


Cyberattacks are growing exponentially

The number of companies hit by cyberattacks is growing exponentially. We guide our customers holistically into the digital world. Our approach to cyber security is to consider it as an integral discipline throughout the entire IT landscape and to understand the challenges of a rapidly changing world. At UMB, cybersecurity is not viewed in isolation, but as part of IT, workplace, and digitization concepts.


A one-stop shop for cybersecurity services

Only balanced organizational and technical measures will protect your company effectively and comprehensively. To achieve this, new security dimensions must be introduced to complement classic prevention (network and perimeter protection).

On the one hand, this includes the ability to detect an attacker at an early stage. On the other hand, it must be possible to initiate the right countermeasures quickly. In this context, we recommend:

  • Advisory services: We’ll show you the way
  • Network security services
  • Cybersecurity services

UMB Cybersecurity: Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Security one-stop shop: Demand-driven and modular service
  • Virtual cyber defense center: Combines the knowledge and experience of more than 400 infrastructure & security specialists. This is unparalleled
  • Digital experience: UMB practices a digital culture and shares its experience freely with you
  • Active all-round protection through 7x24x365 monitoring - without using your own resources
  • Fully managed service at fixed monthly costs.

Advisory Services: We’ll Show You the Way

Security Awareness

More than a third of cyberattacks occur via e-mails opened by employees at the endpoint. UMB security awareness training educates your employees and raises their awareness of a wide range of cyber risks. This way you are able to mitigate one of the biggest vulnerabilities in your company.

Security Emergency Concept

A Trojan encrypts your IT systems, and no one in your company can work anymore. Unfortunately, this happens more and more often. The UMB security emergency concept provides you with precise instructions on what to do in an emergency. This saves you from additional damage and shows you the way to quickly get back to normal operation.

Digital Risk Assessment

The question is not if ransomware or phishing attacks will hit a company, but when. Our specialists can assess your level of vulnerability through a security risk assessment. We will show you the outside view of your company, and you will learn how to protect yourself.

Penetration Test

Will your security measures withstand an attack? Use the UMB penetration test to verify your most vulnerable services. Let UMB find your vulnerabilities before a hacker does.

Phishing Protection

Phishing attacks still represent a large part of all security attacks. With phishing protection, UMB provides automatic attack simulations, high-quality security awareness training, and meaningful reporting data.

Backup and Restore

Backing up and restoring data is a key security element. In an emergency, you need to be able to access such data without it having been infected by what could, for example, be ransomware. We will create the concept and implement backup and restore solutions.

Security Audit

With the UMB Security Audit we examine whether the security guidelines in your company are sensibly laid down (security policy check) and whether they are complied with ( security compliance check). Any gaps and weaknesses found - not only in your infrastructure, but also in your rules and regulations - will be highlighted and your potential risk will be evaluated. If necessary, we recommend measures to increase your security.

Network Security Services

Perimeter and Datacenter Firewall

Firewalls at the perimeter or in the data center are the bouncers who guard the entrances to your IT environment. Are you sure that your doorman is fit and meets the requirements? Check and optimize your perimeter security with a cyber risk assessment from UMB.

Unified Threat Management

Unified threat management provides comprehensive protection for your network. Unified threat management combines important functions that actively protect your network, in addition to the classic perimeter firewall. Features include antivirus, URL filtering, application control, https inspection, IPS (including virtual patching), VPN, transparent web proxy, reverse proxy, and more.

Application Delivery Controller

Are your applications protected and always available? The application delivery controller (ADC) accelerates application performance and increases the availability of your applications with layer 4 - layer 7 load balancing, comprehensive application and API security (WAF, AAA, MFA).

Datacenter Security (software defined network)

The trend towards virtualization, where data centers increasingly need to create and configure virtual systems over the network, and generate associated firewall rules and network addresses, makes network management critical. SDN (software defined network) allows you to administer this network more easily and therefore more securely. Because the lower levels of functionality are abstracted as virtual services, the hardware does not have to be configured completely manually.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data protection and data misuse are increasingly important issues. Laws and regulations are becoming relevant and must be complied with according to industry. Our data loss prevention solutions protect you against the loss and misuse of data.

Cybersecurity Services

Security Monitoring Service (SIEM)

SIEM as a service is an additional security mechanism for the detection of threats that have already overcome perimeter protection. SIEM (security information and event management) from UMB works around the clock from the UMB cyber defense center, without expensive monitoring software and without having to build a team of specialists for it.

Vulnerability Management Service

Cyberattacks target vulnerabilities. The UMB vulnerability management service visualizes possible security vulnerabilities in your company and substantially increases your security.

EDR Service (endpoint detection & response)

Devices connected to your network are gateways for cyberattacks. UMB will monitor these devices (endpoints) as access points to your network. They include not only clients, but also server and mobile devices. UMB will track all activity on your network in real time, and automatically investigate and remediate security alerts - visible to you at all times in the dashboard.

Incident Response / CSIRT Service

Technologies such as SIEM, EDR, and vulnerability scanning detect vulnerabilities and form the basis for effective cyber security protection. To ensure complete, timely and sustainable incident response, our CSIRT is ready to lead the security incident management process remotely or at your site.

Digital Risk Monitoring Service

UMB's digital risk monitoring service will provide you with an overview of your organization's digital footprint on public and closed networks (i.e. the darknet). This includes sensitive business and personal information of your organization, missing or outdated encryption technologies, unprotected applications, and much more.

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E-mail gateway security 

Secure e-mail gateway ensures secure communication in your company. Automatic encryption and decryption of e-mails will safeguard the security and integrity of recipient and sender. Thus, your corporate network will be reliably protected against viruses, spam, and phishing e-mails.

Start now into a new dimension of security.

Many well-known Swiss companies and organizations - for example Bouygues, Chain IQ, or Meier Tobler - trust UMB's cyber defense services today. You too can benefit from a new dimension of security and start now with our online security maturity checkup.

Identify your optimization opportunities through this gap analysis specially developed for SMEs. You will receive the result in just a few minutes. A UMB security specialist will be available to you free of charge for a detailed discussion. This will provide you with an initial tool for simple risk management.

Cloud, security, SAP and digital journey: UMB supports us in our most important digital transformation issues and delivers compelling expertise.

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Self-assessment security maturity

Identify your optimization opportunities using this gap analysis specially developed for SMEs. You will receive your result in just a few minutes. A UMB security specialist will be available to you free of charge for a detailed discussion of your results. This will provide you with an initial tool for simple risk management.