UMB Platform: For Your Business to Really Take Off.

When you decide to build your own IT infrastructure, the platform is the foundation for your systems. Storing, computing, virtualizing, backing up and restoring: Over 400 UMB system engineers ensure that everything works and harmonizes - for your business to take off from a solid platform.

High-availability data centers develop their full performance when they are intelligently built and operated with modern equipment. UMB has the know-how and the right partners to help you build agile, easy-to-manage, future-proof and cost-effective data centers.

Talk to our platform team about:

  • Compute
  • Storage (SAN, NAS, object)
  • Converged & hyper converged datacenters
  • Virtualization & containers
  • Backup & archive
  • Orchestration & automation.


Your data center is an important basis for your business development

Turn your data center into a powerful tool that will enable you to realize long-term strategic projects. Invest time in your core business instead of in the daily operation of a data center - UMB creating time!

We offer vendor-independent data center options and will empower you with a wide range of vendor-certified experts. We are Leading Edge with 2,000 certifications and a high partner status with all major hardware and software partners. In a discussion with you, we will clarify your individual needs, analyze your current situation, outline a smart solution and build a prototype if desired. In the end, you will receive a cleanly planned and documented platform that will meet your business requirements for years to come.


Compute, network & storage: The central power plant for your business

A data center is about processing, transmitting and managing information. This may sound simple, but it only unfolds its full potential when the latest technologies work well together. Our unique compute, networking and storage portfolio guarantees just that.

With stateless compute architectures, blade and server technologies, as well as GPU acceleration, our systems can handle even the most compute-intensive workloads. We are your partner for virtual servers, virtual desktops, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, tier 1 - 3 applications and also container platforms.

Our solutions ensure low latency and high data throughput. For data storage, structured as well as unstructured, we rely on these principal methods:

  • Block (SAN)
  • File (NAS)
  • Object (S3)

With scale-up, scale-out or ultra-low latency architectures - such as NVMe over Fabric - we build a high-performance storage backend for your data center.


Converged & hyperconverged stand for flexibility and high efficiency

Converged & hyperconverged make your data center more flexible than ever before. Whether you are interested in a converged infrastructure solution or looking for a flexible hyperconverged alternative: We can help you select, design and deploy the right solution in your own environment.


Discover the benefits of converged & hyperconverged with UMB

  • Low long-term total cost of ownership
  • Increased ROI
  • Increased efficiency
  • Simplified compute and storage requirements
  • Readiness for future compute and storage growth
  • Rapid deployment of new applications
  • Solutions for remote and branch offices
  • Improved disaster recovery and continuity
  • Simplified management.


Backup and Restore: More important and demanding than ever before!

Data backup is and remains an ongoing topic. The rapid recovery of data in the event of a loss or an attack can become vital for your company. Especially in connection with ransomware, you need to be able to fall back on this source without the backup data already being infected by malware. This places completely new demands on backup concepts.

Archiving is a form of backup, but it has a long-term character. It is often about meeting legal retention requirements. This obviously places special demands on the form of storage. In addition, data must not be changed, which in turn requires special software and, on the hardware side, speaks in favor of archiving on tape, for example. UMB's specialists can also support you with this issue.

Your advantages with UMB platform

  • More than 400 experienced system engineers
  • Over 40 years of successful customer projects involving a wide range of requirements. High understanding of your business needs
  • Vendor-independent consulting
  • Leading edge with 2000 certifications and high partner status with all major hardware and software partners
  • Ten branches in Switzerland: we are where you are
  • Backup and disaster recovery as part of an overall security concept.

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