UMB Network Services to Connect You Within Your Company and with the World.

Your network connects your systems. Because nothing works without the secure and reliable transport of your data. Together with our leading-edge partners we can make sure your network is powerful and operates according to the highest security standards. We are not only network specialists but can also look after your entire infrastructure. Our holistic approach to IT will ensure that everything meshes smoothly.

UMB implements and operates high-performance and secure network infrastructures. We guarantee fast and always available networking.


The network as a common foundation

The network forms the basis of a professional IT infrastructure. It connects all IT components such as servers, storage and clients, production environments, plant control systems, building automation, emergency alarms, and communications applications.

The network must be uncompromisingly stable and fast. Only then can you exchange data with the required speed and reliability - in and outside your company.


Providing professional solutions and high performance

We have been implementing a wide variety of network solutions for decades. We can assist you, for example, if you want to integrate your local IT infrastructures into an external private cloud or build a global public cloud. In doing so, we always keep an eye on any and all security aspects - and make sure that your sensitive data is safe everywhere.

Our Network Topics

Application Delivery Controller

The load balancer: The application delivery controller, or ADC for short, is an important security component in your network and provides for the smart distribution of loads. Properly set and monitored, the ADC keeps your network in balance.

Network Access Control

The doorman: Network access control, or NAC for short, keeps viruses and other malware off your network and blocks unauthorized access. NAC is the gatekeeper to your network. Setting NAC correctly is an ongoing task, but one that is rewarded with a secure and smoothly running network.


For really big data streams: Today, wired networking or local area networks (LAN) achieve throughput rates of up to 100Gbit/s. This is ideal for all companies that need to transport large amounts of data, for example within data center solutions.


The barrier at the entrance: The firewall has not been insurmountable for quite some time, but it still keeps most dangers away from your network. In combination with other security measures, we will build a secure environment for you.


Your connection to the outside world: The wide area network or WAN connects your company to the world. Essentially, this allows a business to effectively perform its tasks regardless of location. UMB supports you with this.


Simply unimaginable without: Using a wireless local area network (WLAN) will provide you with mobile access to your data from any WLAN-capable device. UMB will assist you with the dimensioning and positioning of access points and will work with you to create the right WLAN infrastructure.


Phone book for the network: Domain name system (DNS) is one of the most important services in IP-based networks. As the name suggests, DNS assigns domain names and is a kind of telephone book for your network.


Complex address book: IP address management (IPAM) manages the addresses of your network with special software tools. Modern standards such as IPv6 in particular make address management increasingly complex. A clear case for our specialists.

UMB Network Services – Your advantages at a glance

  • Everything originates from a single source, including your network. To ensure a harmonious infrastructure
  • Decades of experience with a wide variety of networks and requirements
  • Leading edge knowledge with high partner status at Fortinet, Cisco etc
  • 20 proven network specialists
  • Our holistic approach ensures your all-round security.

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