UMB, the Cloud and You: Success Through Limitless Efficiency.

The cloud is experiencing an enormous boom. All over the world, companies large and small are migrating their data and IT tasks to the cloud. The cloud facilitates the use of new technologies, is almost infinitely scalable, increases business flexibility and speed - and also saves money. UMB will help you unleash the potential for this almost limitless efficiency.

The cloud will create time for you, to concentrate fully on your core business. You will no longer need to concern yourself with IT infrastructures and processes. Instead, you reduce your costs. The cloud will also increase the security of your data: Failures can be minimized and mitigated through the use of multiple services.


The right cloud strategy will move you forward!

UMB is the leading Swiss cloud provider with many years of experience and leading edge cloud know-how. We will assist you in finding the right cloud model, tailored to your needs and your business processes. Whether it is a public, hybrid, private or even a native cloud strategy, at UMB we are proficient in all solutions and offer a hand for their realization, always taking into account your business strategy. We guarantee your professional and smooth transformation into the cloud, including the integration and modernization of your applications and business processes.

The public cloud

The public cloud is a standardized tool that can be used to integrate business applications quickly and easily. UMB offers you the full spectrum of leading public cloud solutions for more agility and almost unlimited scalability.

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The private cloud

The UMB private cloud offers flexible cloud solutions tailored to your needs, providing a highly secure environment for your data beneath the Swiss Alps.

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The hybrid cloud

When it comes to making public and private clouds as well as on-premises infrastructures work together for you, we have the right experts. UMB system engineers know how to professionally plan and implement hybrid scenarios.

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Cloud native

The term stands for speed, agility, and scalability in state-of-the-art, dynamic environments such as public, private, and hybrid clouds. Containers, service meshes, microservices, and declarative APIs are examples of this technology approach created for the cloud.

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UMB cloud as a service: Enabling you to access your data anytime and anywhere

The cloud market is growing, and at UMB we are instrumental in this success story. We are highly proficient in the various cloud service segments and can provide them for you.

Software as a Service

SaaS provides cloud applications that do not need to be installed on a local end device and are accessed via the Internet. Well known global examples are Microsoft Office 365 and G-Mail. SaaS providers take care of all infrastructure tasks, patches and updates. Software from the cloud is usually easy to set up and scalable - and therefore extremely efficient.

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Infrastructure as a Service

With IaaS, customers pay for the provision of computers, storage space, and networks they need at that moment. There are no capital costs.  A cloud computing provider manages the infrastructure, while customers buy, install, configure, and manage their own software.

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Platform as a Service

PaaS includes not only hardware but also software, middleware, development tools, and database management systems. With PaaS, the time and effort involved in purchasing and managing software licenses can be avoided. PaaS customers administer just those applications that they develop themselves - all other applications and services are usually managed by the cloud service provider.

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Archiving as a service - AaaS 

Using AaaS, emails can be efficiently archived, encrypted, and duplicated in the cloud. This will provide secure mail retention independent of Microsoft Office365 or Exchange. Categorization - combined with a high level of automation - creates a reliable and well-structured archive meeting all data protection and data security guidelines. Security will be significantly increased through encrypted storage and transmission.

SEPPmail as a service 

SEPPmail as a service provides a signature and encryption solution for easy securing of electronic communication of your entire company. The patented GINA process enables users of the secure e-mail gateway to transmit encrypted e-mails to recipients who do not use encryption software and do not possess a key.

We are your cloud specialists. Powerful, independent, leading edge.

The cloud will help you to optimize your company's IT costs, support your home office workforce, and ensure the resilience of your IT infrastructure. At UMB, we are your cloud and connectivity specialists. We have the best partners, the necessary expertise, and the appropriate infrastructures to deliver just the right services to you. As an independent cloud provider, we will find the best cloud platform for you.

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UMB Cloud: Your advantages at a glance

  • UMB is the leading Swiss cloud provider
  • As an independent provider, we will find the best cloud platform for you.
  • We guarantee your smooth transformation to the cloud
  • At UMB, we are proficient in all cloud solutions - whether they are part of a public, hybrid, private or native cloud strategy.
  • The UMB private cloud is tailor-made and offers the highest security for your data.
  • The cloud will create time for you to fully concentrate on your core business

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