«At UMB, I have the opportunity to introduce my experience of the past years to a fine team and a great company.»

Gion Camenisch, Senior Security Sales Consultant

Security Intelligence

Tailor-Made Security Intelligence Solutions

IBM QRadar

In the present day, the biggest challenge is the analysis of huge amounts of data accumulating in many security solutions. IBM QRadar is an integrated security analytics platform which contains many essential features besides SIEM functions and efficiently supports them through optimized workflows:

  • IBM Security QRadar Log Manager: A scalable high efficiency solution for the acquisition, analysis, storage and documentation of large amounts of protocol data relating to networks and security.
  • IBM Security QRadar SIEM: Consolidates log events and network flow data from thousands of devices, endpoints, and applications distributed throughout the entire network.
  • IBM Security QRadar Vulnerability Manager: Recognizes security issues in applications, assets and network units. 
  • IBM QRadar Network Insights: Analyzes network data in real-time to uncover attackers and expose hidden security threats.
  • IBM Security QRadar Incident Forensics: Guarantees full packet capture and thus provides incontestable evidence of network activities for security investigations.

The IBM Security App Exchange ecosystem adds the following to the QRadar Platform: 

IBM Guardium

Protect your critical data independently of their storage location. IBM Security Guardium is a comprehensive platform for data security offering a wide range of functions: 

Risk assessment of your data

  • Recognizing and classifying sensitive data.
  • Who accesses what data, when and by what means? Recognizing anomalies, preventing data leakage (DLP) through data activity monitoring within file systems, databases, Hadoop, NoSQL, etc. 
  • Analyzing data access patterns by means of automated analytics and machine learning.
  • The threat diagnostic center scans and analyzes audited data for the detection of attack indicators.
  • The dynamic data protection dashboard centralizes key indicators showing the progress in minimizing data and data repository risks, thus providing compliance status information at any time. 

Protection of your critical data

  • Provides protection against liability risks through automated data compliance and extensive audit options.
  • Protects critical data through encryption, masking, blacking, as well as dynamic blocking and alerting. 
  • An alert will be triggered or access will be blocked when suspicious and unusual behavior or attempted data theft is detected. 

Adapting your data security to changes in your environment

  • Supports traditional as well as new data storage technologies, such as Hadoop, NoSQL, and cloud.
  • Provides integral support – from compliance to end-to-end data protection – through a single infrastructure and method.

IBM Security Guardium: https://www-03.ibm.com/software/products/de/category/data-security


Multifactor authentication, identity assurance with RSA SecurID Access

UMB implements and maintains authentication and identity assurance solutions based on RSA SecurID Access. With our many years of experience, we will be able to also find the appropriate solution to meet your requirements. 

We are offering traditional two-factor authentication (2FA), multi-factor authentication and identity assurance:

  • Identity Assurance
    RSA SecurID Access identity assurance determines the identity of users by scrutinizing contextual factors.
  • Multi-factor authentication
    RSA SecurID Access offers a wide range of authentication methods by means of conventional RSA SecurID hardware and software tokens, biometry, one-time passwords, FIDO, and push-notifications.
  • Access management
    RSA SecurID defines access guidelines for more than 500 applications. It enables single sign-on for SaaS applications, mobile apps and enterprise applications. 
  • Risk analysis
    RSA SecurID Access enables smarter access decisions through risk based analysis of typical user behavior patterns

RSA SecurID Access: https://www.rsa.com/de-de/products/rsa-securid-suite/rsa-securid-access  




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