Software Development. Creating the New Normal.

We do not simply build software: We are your experts for digital solutions. With our expertise in agile software development and IT, we always think one step ahead. We combine your existing systems and needs with new ideas and technologies and create a new normal. This way, you have more time for your main business thanks to our software solutions.

Despite ongoing digitization, many corporate processes are still complex constructs and correspondingly prone to errors. For some of these processes, you might ask: Couldn't it be made easier? In most cases, the answer is yes, things can be done more simply. Our goal is to automate your processes holistically and thus replace analog procedures, unnecessary work steps and media breaks with digital solutions.

Your benefits with UMB agile software development

  • The initial situation is assessed as a whole. If required, additional services such as business analysis and architecture consulting are available
  • We can deliver productive software solutions within short time
  • The software remains extensible and can be adapted to changing needs
  • Our approach working with project wavers enables us to offer attractive prices
  • We support you during the entire life cycle of your individual software solution.

Developing software with agile teams: our offer.

We accompany individual software solutions throughout the entire life cycle: from concept and design to development and operation of the customized software. We structure our work according to modern methods such as Scrum or Kanban. Thus, we think in short-term achievable milestones and always remain agile.

Happy customers are important to us! This is why we work according to the following principles when developing individual software solutions:

Flexible software for satisfied customers.

Staying flexible
We believe not only in agile development, but also in agile software. Therefore, our solutions are easy to orchestrate and scale. Our extensive knowledge in the areas of openAPI, gateways, DevOps and OpenShift allow us to flexibly integrate software solutions into existing system environments.
Developing together
The development teams at our site in Vietnam allow us to offer software solutions at attractive prices. At the same time, project managers in Switzerland act as a contact point to the customer to ensure smooth cooperation.
Providing quality
In both Switzerland and Vietnam, we are constantly optimizing our processes, applying the latest standards, and using modern infrastructure. This allows us to always offer our customers the best possible quality.

Use Cases: examples from the financial industry.

Do you have high security and data protection requirements? No problem. We specialize in the financial and insurance sectors. Accordingly, we are not only familiar with common core banking systems such as Finnova and Avaloq, we also have extensive knowledge of the applicable regulations and laws.

Your contacts

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