Understand what Kubernetes is and what it can do for your business.

Container technologies represent a departure from your previous cloud and software strategy. We will advise and support you in your transformation. For example, with a container workshop that explains simply and understandably what Kubernetes is and what concrete advantages the technology brings. We will also demonstrate the architectural possibilities of Kubernetes-based infrastructures such as OpenShift, Rancher or plain Kubernetes.

Implementation and operation on Kubernetes-based infrastructures

Our specialists will design the architecture of your Kubernetes-based infrastructure and implement it according to your requirements using OpenShift, Rancher or plain Kubernetes. UMB can operate your various container platforms as managed services. Technologically, there are almost no limits. We manage single namespaces right up to hundreds of physical worker nodes on our shared platform.


CI/CD Pipelines: Our offer around software development

Container technologies and Kubernetes will be revolutionizing your software development. Our software team will help you unleash the full potential of the new technologies. To do this, we will conduct workshops around modern software development. We will design the pipelines for continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) in your environment and implement them according to your needs.


Container storage requires adapted strategies and new storage technologies

In the age of Kubernetes and containers, storage is also changing. Our infrastructure team will advise you on your strategy. And our container architects will design and implement your new container storage on technologies like Portworx, Longhorn or OpenShift container storage.

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Cloud native solutions from UMB: All advantages at a glance

  • Rapidly transforming business requirements into cloud native applications in response to your customers' changing needs increases your competitiveness.
  • Your organization will be transformed into a highly productive and responsive cloud native platform.
  • You can deploy your applications where it makes the most sense - without having to commit to a specific cloud.
  • Your cloud native applications are flexible and will readily integrate with other applications.