UMB Consulting: Smart Strategies for Your Digital Future.

Digital transformation offers more and more business opportunities in this era of unprecedented choice and increasing speed of innovation. Take advantage of this development and align your customers' needs, your business processes and your technology seamlessly with your business goals on the basis of a smart IT strategy.

No business transformation without a solid IT strategy: Only those who plan appropriately will be able to benefit from IT that really supports their business in the future. Our consulting team will guide you from the start to the successful completion of your transformation and guarantee long-term success. We will show your potential to make your business even more successful - with concrete recommendations for action.

Our consulting customers include the Condair Group, the Burkhalter Group, Meier Tobler AG, the Zurich University of the Arts, Mibelle Group, Krüger + Co. AG and many other well-known Swiss companies.

CIO ad Interim

UMB CIO ad interim makes it possible to count on the expertise of an experienced CIO at any time, on demand and on site, without having to pay for a full-time position. We will assume the role of CIO in your business or provide support on all issues that are important to the CIO.

IT Architecture

A flexible and modern architecture as well as intelligent concepts constitute the basis for your IT projects and successful operation. We offer you tailor-made services to achieve these goals sustainably and to lead your IT projects to success.

IT Strategy

The appropriate IT strategy can have a positive impact on your future business success. We offer support in all important business IT alignment issues for the CIO, such as IT strategy, IT cost management, compliance, and risk management. We will also advise you on all aspects of your digital transformation - as an extension of your team or as a sounding board.

Cloud Strategy

Digitization requires the appropriate cloud strategy, because cloud services are one of the basic conditions for digital transformation. When it comes to selecting the right offer, you as a company have plenty of choice. UMB will provide you with the decision-making basis for your cloud strategy.

Digital Workplace

Digital trends such as collaboration make efficient teamwork across departmental boundaries possible and promote corporate culture. UMB will assist you in responding appropriately to this trend and making the best use of its benefits.

Digitization – IoT

Digital concepts such as customer experience and industry 4.0 are of great strategic importance, but require a lot of time and know-how to be implemented. This is not surprising, since digitization extends far beyond process optimization. We will support you in all your digitization projects with process automation, customer experience, and IoT.

Enterprise Architecture

The role of the enterprise architect needs to be expanded to keep pace with the latest business developments. Stability and sustainability continue to be key issues, but new requirements such as speed and agility are being added. Our experts can provide you with perfect support in these areas.

Governance Risk Compliance

Company management bears full responsibility for security and compliance throughout the organization. UMB consultants will support you in correctly modelling the organizational and technical aspects of your risk management on the basis of your compliance requirements. Governance, risk & compliance (GRC) by UMB will make your company completely secure and compliant.

Requirements Engineering

Are your software products and IT systems aligned with your business needs? Requirements engineering is one of the most important success factors today. Your IT will only deliver full performance if it is precisely tailored to your business needs. UMB's expertise keeps your IT and business in sync.

Security Strategy Architecture

Digital transformation also involves changes in security measures. IoT and the cloud require new and much better solutions to protect against cyber threats - as part of a smart security strategy architecture. UMB develops the necessary architecture and governance for sustainable and secure IT operations.

Sourcing Strategy

Every sourcing strategy must take various integration scenarios into account and also be flexible. A business strategy may change very quickly when new competitors come into play or customer requirements change. We will show you possible scenarios and help you to develop flexible sourcing strategies.

Target Operating Model

In order to remain competitive, processes, systems, or entire organizations must be continuously optimized. A target operating model is often designed to make vision and strategy requirements tangible. We support you in the design, development, and implementation of such a model

UMB Consulting: Your advantages at a glance

  • Bundled know-how: Our consultants are experienced IT managers from a wide range of industries
  • External perspective:  Our consultants bring fresh ideas through an outside perspective and years of experience with other companies
  • Precisely measurable support: By using CIO as a service, you will be able to receive support for a specific period of time. Exactly as much CIO as you need
  • Combines strategic and operational consulting: everything from planning to implementation - end to end!
  • Get started easily with our self-assessment and an opportunity and discovery workshop: Test first, commit later.

Does your IT have the ideal weight? We can measure your BMI now!

The BMI body mass index puts height and weight in relation to each other - an important measure of health. UMB has developed a method that calculates how big your IT should ideally be based on your company size, industry and number of employees - a BMI for companies. Measure your IT BMI now.

After completion, you will receive a UMB BMI evaluation sheet from us for your company, which we will explain at your company during a presentation. Upon request, we will also develop a concrete action plan. Costs for the UMB BMI: CHF 790.-

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