«We opted for an intelligent security concept like the one offered by IBM QRadar. UMB has set up the SIEM system perfectly and commissioned it on time and on budget»

Marc McGuinness, ZHAW ICT Security Officer


SIaaS (Security Intelligence as a Service)

Security intelligence as a service conveniently from the UMB cloud

UMB security intelligence as a service from the cloud transcends the boundaries of classic security measures and, at the same time, remains simple to use. SIaaS by UMB provides state-of-the-art protection measures, such as log and endpoint monitoring, user behavior analytics, or threat intelligence. Our service will provide protection, even if an attacker has already overcome conventional firewalls. Try & Buy - put us to the test.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) as a Transparent UMB Service

Getting started with SIEM is easier than you think with the UMB cloud. The UMB security intelligence approach is rooted in vulnerability management. Based on this, you have a choice between SIEM Public and SIEM Private: 




 SIEM Public

 • In-depth monitoring (including logs and end points)
 • Centralizing logs
 • Threat intelligence
 • User behavior analytics
 • Attacker behavior analytics
 • Visual investigation 
 • 90 days of data retention
 • UMB Incident management (response activities)

 SIEM Private

 • In-depth monitoring (including flows and logs)
 • Centralizing flows and logs
 • Threat intelligence
 • User behavior analytics
 • Cloud discovery
 • Visual investigation
 • 365 days of data retention
 • UMB incident management (response activities)
 • Expandable to include endpoints, hardware, and cloud components,
   database monitoring, real-time network analysis,
   incident forensics, and much more.


  Vulnerability Management

 • Detection of vulnerabilities through scanning
 • Prioritizing vulnerabilities (risk analysis)
 • Prioritizing actions to remedy vulnerabilities


SIEM Public

SIEM Public by UMB consolidates event logs of assets, devices, endpoints, and applications on the network. Raw log and endpoint data is normalized, correlated, and analyzed by innovative user and attack behavior analytics to detect sophisticated security threats.




SIEM Private

SIEM Private from UMB consolidates event logs and activities (flows) of thousands of assets, devices, endpoints and applications on the network. Raw log and flow data is normalized, correlated, and analyzed by an innovative sense analytics engine to detect sophisticated security threats. 



That's why UMB SIaaS will fit you perfectly. 

With security intelligence as a service from UMB you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Security intelligence as a service can be obtained on the basis of clear and measurable service level agreements
  • Security intelligence backend infrastructure is made available centrally from the UMB private cloud based in Switzerland
  • Maximum flexibility and scalability are guaranteed when deploying and managing security resources and functions
  • Costs are all-inclusive and  can be budgeted with a monthly flat rate over five years, which includes all services and systems (hardware and software)

Go beyond the limits of conventional security measures with a convenient and efficient service. Contact the SIEM specialists at UMB now.

Try & Buy: Put Us to the Test.

UMB SIaaS Try & Buy

Not sure if SIaaS by UMB is right for you? Test our security services on a try and buy basis for two months. It doesn't matter whether you are already hosted at a UMB datacenter or not. We look forward to hearing from you.Test it now for 2 months without obligation.





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