«Right from the beginning, UMB won us over with their speed and professionalism. With the UMB cloud we are now ready for the future.»

Bernd Lienberger, Head of IT, Pro Senectute Schweiz

Pro Senectute is New in the UMB Cloud with 450 Users!

12/09/2017 - 10:45

On October 23, 1917, ten men established the foundation ‘For the Aged’ under the auspices of the Swiss Charitable Society (SGG). One hundred years later, Pro Senectute consolidates its IT in the UMB cloud. With this, it demonstrates that even an organization with the aim of improving life in old age requires a modern, flexible, and scalable IT solution to be ready for the future.   

Pro Senectute contributes invaluably to the improvement of the quality of life of senior citizens. UMB delivers the necessary scalable IT services from the cloud.

450 workplaces in a nationwide organization

Pro Senectute is a growing organization. Up to now, it had operated its IT itself while assigning parts of it to external service providers. The IT environment was decentralized and only scalable with semi variable costs. For the integration of further cantonal organizations and the utilization of synergies, Pro Senectute required a partner such as UMB. By employing IT as a service (ITaaS), continuous scalability can be achieved. This facilitates further optimizations for Pro Senectute.

Bernd Lienberger, Head of IT, Pro Senectute Switzerland states: “It is very important for us to keep our IT as lean as possible and to preserve all our future options. For this reason we issued a call for proposals, and UMB won us over with their speed and professionalism right from the beginning. Switzerland’s population is growing ever older and, for this reason, Pro Senectute is ever more important. With the UMB cloud we are now ready for the future.”

Focusing on essential tasks – thanks to the UMB cloud

The UMB cloud creates new possibilities for Pro Senectute. UMB CEO Matthias Keller says: “We migrate all IT services into our cloud and are proud to welcome another well-known Swiss organization as our client.”

This means that the most important Swiss service organization for older people can concentrate on its essential tasks. The UMB cloud enables the greatest possible flexibility for Pro Senectute with the further expansion of its services.

UMB Cloud: Implement Your Innovations More Quickly

Pro Senectute Switzerland: 100 years working for older people - now receiving IT as a Service from the UMB cloud.