«I am enthusiastic about the UMB team spirit - how new and creative ideas are developed and innovative solutions implemented for our customers. That is very pleasing!»

Dirk Budke, Teamleader Process Engineering / Curo Engineering

Curo by UMB - The Proven SaaS Digitization Platform!

11/09/2018 - 12:06

Curo is a tried and tested SaaS digitization platform from UMB simplifying the automation of your business processes and facilitating the seamless integration of your applications and business data. It aims to create a comprehensive digitization platform enabling collaboration of all users, the linking of all devices, and the integration of your workflows. Curo is offered as software as a service directly out of the UMB Data Centers in Switzerland.

Our proven digitization solution Curo enables you to revolutionize your processes. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation regarding your options

Curo revolutionizes collaboration within companies and their interaction with customers.

UMB Solutions supports your business and boosts your rate of success

We optimize your processes and make all procedures consistent - across different systems and solutions. Our dialogue with you will focus on topics such as process optimization and operational excellence, data integration, Camunda BPM services and cognitive solutions - the latter in cooperation with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.