«The name Vitra represents the power of good design. UMB operates our entire international data center by way of IT as a Service. To us, UMB signifies excellence and leading edge in IT.»

Christian Schneider, CIO, Vitra AG

Industry Knowledge

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The digital future can only be mastered with all-connecting, comprehensive marketing channels. Isolated transactions, redundant customer data, and manual interventions are things of the past. UMB has offered highly efficient solutions for the digital future for many years.

The future belongs to continuous processes

UMB supports your technology transformation through the creation of continuous processes. We will ensure the seamless mapping of transactions, from distributing to servicing, in a transparent system. This will provide you with decisive competitive advantages by creating greater efficiency and happier customers.

We understand your business requirements well

As a “Great Place to Work” we have the best qualified employees in their field – with corresponding industry knowledge - to ensure that the digital transformation turns into business opportunities for you.

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