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Is there a shortage of skilled workers in the Swiss ICT market? Of course there is. We see it as an opportunity and are doing something about it. We are continually providing professional training for a double-digit number of young talents.


What can you expect during your apprenticeship as an IT specialist in systems engineering (platform development) at UMB?

We will train you in our specialist teams in Volketswil to become a systems technician (platform development) with a broad range of expertise.
UMB is known for an exceptional team spirit, a lot of variety in our work and, of course, fun with the teammates.

Have we got you interested?

What does a computer scientist actually do? Programming, installing, assembling servers, wiring, soldering, building networks, solving problems or talking to customers? At the UMB taster day we will give you an insight into the profession of a computer scientist in platform development.

What can you expect on your taster day as a computer scientist in platform development at UMB?

Together with our apprentices you will, for example, set up a virtual network, set up servers and gain your first experiences with Python programming.

Why should you register for the taster day at UMB?

  •     If you are currently in the second cycle, extended level, and want to get an overview of the computer science profession

  •     If you are fascinated by technology and computers in particular

  •     If you like to work at the computer and on the screen

Apply now with a short, one-page CV for the taster day.

This is what your apprenticeship process will look like

After the Apprenticeship

After your apprenticeship, the learning is not over. We have our own school within UMB, the UMB Academy. If everything goes well during your apprenticeship, we would like to keep you in our team.

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