«The Department of Computer Science at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences cooperates with UMB in the field of artificial intelligence. We look forward to a successful customer service project.»

Prof. Dr. Jana Koehler, Artificial Intelligence Expert, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts - Computer Science

Cognitive Solutions

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence for Your Business Processes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions will transform the distribution of tasks among people and machines. Currently, there are AI-Services provided by IBM, Microsoft or Amazon, already quite refined and well-functioning. 

Most important for an AI project is the knowledge of how to prepare the data enabling the AI services algorithm to understand incoming requests. UMB acquired such knowledge by cooperating on an AI project with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences. You can benefit from it too. 

cognitive services for business hochschule luzern

Chatbot services: the digital assistants are coming.

Today, intelligent chatbots are able to assume multiple tasks in advising customers. Such tasks may include digital assistance on a web page, digital sales consultancy, or accelerating internal processes in a call center. UMB Solutions has the expertise to breathe artificial life into such chatbots for you. 

Sentiment analysis: important for the prioritization of requests. 

Today’s AI services can recognize the mood of customer feedback. This is one important indicator for the prioritization of inquires – for example at a service desk. However, sentiment analysis requires a lot of expertise for the proper preparation of data. Depending on the initial situation and use case, the choice of the appropriate AI service as well as proper user training can be particularly important. The specialists at UMB will assist you in this from the start

Intelligent document handling: understanding data, not just collecting it.

Cognitive solutions can also provide valuable services for the tagging and classifying of documents as well as with the comprehension of the contents of documents. UMB will support your intelligent document management – including the programming of digital assistants which are able to answer questions regarding stored documents.

Service desk optimization: digital assistants provide suggestions. 

There is huge potential in service desks. Imagine that your service desk team could overview any inquires already processed and access matching solutions at any time. That’s where cognitive solutions are deployed. Such systems are able to provide proposals from stored information within fractions of seconds. 
UMB has acquired experience with service desk optimization during the project cognitive services for SMEs. Contact us now.




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