Zur Rose: Largest Online Pharmacy Delivers Medications Faster than Ever Before.

Europe's largest online pharmacy "Zur Rose" ensures the reliable delivery of medications for thousands of MDs and patients. More than 50,000 medications are mailed out every day. This top performance is only possible with highly performant and scalable IT systems.

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IT at the service of doctors and patients

The “Zur Rose” group with its two brands “Zur Rose” and “Doc Morris” is Europe’s largest online pharmacy and the leading wholesale supplier for MDs in Switzerland; it is based in Frauenfeld and employs more than 800 people at several European locations.


UMB team delivers quality in budget and in time

It is important for management that the new IT environment offers sufficient leeway for future expansion and the transformation of their business. UMB and HDS have delivered, the expansion reserves are there, and Europe's largest online pharmacy is delivering medications faster than ever before!


Zur Rose has more time for their core business.

Never before have we introduced a more suitable IT system so reliably in time, within budget, and of quality as with UMB.

Maurits Reinaerts, Head of IT Operations, Zur Rose

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