WALO Leverages Collective Intelligence: Step by Step into a Digital Future with UMB.

Digital transformation is not a question of tools but of organization and culture, which must be fundamentally changed. The name WALO is synonymous with the Swiss construction industry. For more than a hundred years, this construction company has combined consistency and innovation. Today, with UMB's expertise, WALO uses the collective intelligence of its employees to drive digitization. UMB accompanies WALO on its way to a digital future - from consulting to implementation, step by step.

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Almost every child knows the yellow vehicles and tools: With 2,500 employees, WALO is a big player in the Swiss construction industry. Not surprising, since the company is active in all markets of the construction industry. Whether it's building houses, renovating roads or railways, rebuilding a sports field, or renewing a water supply line: Every year, almost 4,000 construction projects are successfully completed by WALO.


Digital transformation is a long journey with obstacles

WALO is well aware that there is no way around digitization. The construction industry is a highly competitive market where every competitive advantage counts. The company has also recognized that the road to the finish line, even for a construction company, is not smoothly paved but a bumpy road full of obstacles. The best way to overcome these obstacles is to proceed in small steps - or nudge by nudge. That's where UMB's digitization experts come in. They know how to utilize collective intelligence to identify digitization projects and then drive them forward step by step to achieve top results at the end of the day.


Harnessing the swarm intelligence of employees

Digitization is indeed an executive issue. But what most people overlook is the fact, that many ideas around digitization already exist in the company. After all, the employees are very familiar with the operating processes, usually recognize optimization opportunities, and may even be bothered by idle time and repetitive work. And they are almost all digitally engaged themselves. This means that swarm intelligence can be used, provided the necessary tools are available and employees are accompanied and motivated along the way.


Innovation portal: Collect, concretize, and drive digitization ideas forward

In order for employees' ideas to be collected, an easily accessible and simple input portal is needed. At WALO, digitization ideas are continuously collected through an innovation portal developed by UMB. The suggestions are reviewed and pre-selected by WALO's virtual digital team. The UMB Digital Advisor, part of the virtual digital team, will then clarify feasibility, time required, as well as cost implications and provide important information for the continuously adapted implementation roadmap - the WALO digital journey.


Organization and culture must be transformed and successes celebrated

Although it is processes and technologies that are most often discussed in a digitization project, in essence, it is always about the people, who must be brought along on the digital journey. Digital transformation is not a question of tools, but of organization and culture, which must be fundamentally changed.

At WALO, employees are constantly motivated to keep coming up with innovative ideas. For example, UMB has produced internal video messages for WALO, prepared success stories, and provided communications support for marketing and management. Experience has shown that professionally presented internal communication makes a significant contribution to the success of digital transformation. Successes should also be celebrated. This keeps employees in tune with transformation, and gives them the uplifting feeling of having moved the company forward together.

Roger Bühlmann, Head of IT Walo Bertschinger AG, comments: «We have been able to realize many digitization ideas at WALO. UMB supports us with know-how, tools and manpower throughout the entire innovation process. We are moving step by step into a digital future with the support of UMB's digitization experts.»


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UMB Digital Journey - Travelling Together

We are moving step by step into a digital future with the support of the digitization experts from UMB.

Roger Bühlmann, Head of IT Walo Bertschinger AG

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