Time for More Joy of Life.

Laughing with others is perhaps the best medicine against loneliness. The Lebensfreude Foundation is dedicated to providing humorous and respectful clown visits to homes and institutions. This is beneficial for people who suffer from dementia, are ill, elderly, or mentally and physically impaired.

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The clowns of the Lebensfreude Foundation create loving, colourful moments in homes and institutions in German-speaking Switzerland. During these moments it often appears as if the sun rises for the people who enjoy such a visit.

This is an incredibly valuable commitment. And for this reason, UMB supports the Frauenfeld-based foundation with IT services - so that there is time for more joy of life.

You can find more information about the Lebensfreude Foundation (Stiftung Lebensfreude) as well as the possibility to support it at http://www.stiftung-lebensfreude.ch/. It goes without saying that, in the current situation, the activities of the Foundation are carried out strictly according to guidelines issued by the FOPH.


Making people the focus of attention again. The Lebensfreude Foundation (Stiftung Lebensfreude) has more time for colorful moments.

UMB provides us with more time to create loving, colorful moments.

Christine Lienhard, President Stiftung Lebensfreude

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