Stihl: A Powerful Data Centre for Powerful Tools.

Anyone familiar with chain saws is well aware of the name STIHL. Since 1971, STIHL has been the best-selling chainsaw brand in the world! STIHL is also the market leader in Switzerland. To ensure that this remains the case in the future, STIHL Chain Works Switzerland have transformed their data center with UMB.

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In 1926, company founder Andreas Stihl developed his first chain saw. His motivation: "To make it easier for people to work with and in nature". Indeed, STIHL equipment makes work easier than any other gear today. Likewise, UMB's specialists have made the migration of STIHL's IT infrastructure easier, thus assisting STIHL in their technology transformation.


UMB transforms the data center in time and within budget

STIHL Chain Works Switzerland assigned the technical migration of their data centers to UMB. With its leading edge technology competence, UMB has taken care of the installation, commissioning, and migration of all components and systems as well as the acceptance tests.


More power and therefore more time for STIHL.

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