NUSSLI: Time for High Emotions Will Soon Be Here Again!

Grandstands, event structures, pavilions, halls, stages: There is virtually nothing that NUSSLI, a leader in event construction, cannot construct. For many years, UMB has taken total care of the IT of the company from Hüttwilen in the canton of Thurgau. We are happy with NUSSLI that the event skies are beginning to clear and that we will soon return to normality.

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©Picture Andreas Keller, Altdorf
©Picture Andreas Busslinger

NUSSLI is a true global player with 16 locations worldwide, 2,000 projects per year, and 320 permanent employees. The Swiss company has been entrusted with the construction of pavilions at every world exhibition since the year 2000.

Do you remember the Arteplages of Expo 02? That, too, was a work of NUSSLI. The same goes for the huge stadium of the Swiss Federal Wrestling and Alpine Festival in Zug in 2019. NUSSLI creates the connections that make unforgettable events possible. With its projects in sports, culture, and business, NUSSLI connects ideas, emotions, cultures, service providers, organizers, and audiences. We are looking forward to soon holding great events and experiencing great moments again.

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