More Time for Business: Vitra relies on SAP S/4HANA and the UMB cloud.

For 25 years, SAP worked just fine at Vitra AG. Over the years, the company had perfectly aligned SAP with its needs until it reached the limits of these legacy systems. A modern solution with sufficient power to achieve Vitra's business goals was needed. Today, thanks to the migration to SAP S/4HANA, a future-proof platform with lean data structures for continuous further development is in place. SAP as a service from UMB  creates more time for innovations in furniture manufacturing.

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Vitra is a family business with headquarters in Birsfelden and production facilities worldwide. In order to develop high-quality design furniture for the business world and private homes, Vitra is reliant on smoothly functioning and highly available IT systems - because operational excellence is also a basic prerequisite for business success when it comes to the design and sale of furnishings.


SAP S/4HANA in-memory database delivers speed

To meet these challenges, Vitra chose UMB and SAP S/4HANA. S/4HANA is a modern ERP system based on an in-memory database. This means that data is used directly in RAM. When the database is started, the data is placed in the main memory and promptly read. This enables data access at the push of a button and in real time.


SAP as a service and reduction of database content by a factor of 3

The UMB team has revised the entire layout of the SAP infrastructure for S/4HANA. The databases now run in the UMB SAP cloud and benefit from IBM Power technology. This allows new, user-friendly application programs to be developed and operated.

Database content was reduced by a factor of 3 during the migration, using a selective data transition approach. While not all legacy data was transferred, redundant data storage and the number of tables and indexes were significantly reduced in SAP S/4.


The UMB team's expert knowledge leads to early project completion

Over a period of 16 months, UMB specialists supported the project on the technical side and implemented many optimizations thanks to their know-how. The biggest challenge was the runtime during the changeovers on the go-live weekend. The UMB team succeeded in shortening the planned cut-over runtime with its optimizations. This meant that the migration could be completed early and there was enough time for testing and punctual go-live.


More performance in Vitra's daily business activities

S/4HANA in the UMB cloud provides Vitra with a high-performance and future-proof platform for continuous further development. Reduced storage requirements result in less time needed for monthly backups.

UMB SAP as a Service: Safe and relaxed on the road.


Thanks to UMB, Vitra AG has more time to focus on its core business and innovations.

UMB operates our entire international data center as IT platform as a Service. For us, UMB means reliability excellence, innovationflexibility, and leading edge technology in IT.

Christian Schneider, CIO, Vitra

Vitra Mission Statement 2023

At Vitra, we believe that our surroundings shape our thoughts and feelings - at home, at work, and when we are on the move. That is why we work every day to improve those spaces through the power of design. Vitra is a third-generation family business pursuing not only a commercial mission, but also a cultural and an ecological one.

The Vitra campus and the Vitra Design Museum with exhibitions, design archives and an extensive furniture collection inspire visitors and employees. They promote a deeper understanding of the role of design and architecture in shaping the future.

Respect for the environment is expressed in every action Vitra takes. It manifests itself in how Vitra develops and manufactures products, in the sourcing of raw materials and in the organization of the supply chain. Every new insight is seen as an opportunity for further improvement.

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