LUNGE ZÜRICH and COVID-19: A UMB Customer in Permanent Demand.

LUNGE ZÜRICH is dedicated to providing for healthy lungs and a high quality of life for people with lung disease. In times like the COVID-19 pandemic, it is particularly evident how important the services of organizations like LUNGE ZÜRICH are. With a tailor-made IT solution UMB LUNGE ZÜRICH gains more time to focus on its patients.

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The Lunge Zürich Association, formerly Lungenliga Zürich, is a multi-certified non-profit organization. In recent weeks, in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic, the telephones of LUNGE ZÜRICH never stopped ringing. The non-profit organization cares for over 13,000 people with lung disease in the canton of Zurich - many of them belonging to the COVID-19 risk group.  

LUNGE ZÜRICH supports its members with counselling and support services. The association also contributes significantly to the prevention, early detection and research of lung diseases.


Long-term partnership with UMB

LUNGE ZÜRICH and UMB are linked by a long-standing partnership. UMB's IT services ensure that there is more time for services - for the benefit of people with lung disease. We are proud to be able to count the association Lunge Zürich among our customers.

LUNGE ZÜRICH has more time for people with lung disease: 500 hours per year.

Thanks to UMB, we have more time for our most important mission: healthy lungs and a high quality of life for lung patients.

Dr. Michael Schlunegger, Managing Director, LUNGE ZÜRICH

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