Good Times for Engineering Service Companies.

Amstein + Walthert inspires with sustainable results. The Swiss company delivers concepts for decentralized heat storage and the interlinking of thermal and electrical energy systems while utilizing state of the art communications and automation technology.

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The most successful engineering service company in Switzerland, with its approximately 1000 employees, is an industry leader when it comes to transformation. With cloud and sourcing services from UMB, Amstein + Walthert is ready for digitization.


The UMB Cloud - a decisive step towards digitization and operative excellence

Amstein + Walthert and UMB are linked by their highly successful business development, industry-leading leading edge services, as well as identical corporate values. Says UMB CEO Matthias Keller: «The success story of Amstein + Walthert is very impressive! We are proud to be able to assist Christian Appert and his team with their transformation.»


More time for innovation: 38'000 hours.

With UMB we are taking a decisive step towards digitization and operational excellence.

Christian Appert, CEO and majority shareholder of Amstein + Walthert AG

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