Frutiger Group: UMB Ordering Process Creates Over 7,000 Hours Annually and Delights Employees.

Digitization is making inroads in the construction industry. Frutiger Group has digitized its entire order processing based on business process management (BPM) from UMB. Mountains of paper have been transformed into a streamlined process that shortens the average order process from more than 30 minutes to just two minutes and keeps errors to a minimum as well.

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With 2,700 employees and 22 subsidiaries, the family-owned company from Thun in the canton of Bern is one of the leading construction and real estate service providers in Switzerland. On its digital journey, Frutiger AG has also analyzed its ordering processes and automated them with the help of UMB.


From mountains of paper to a lean digital process factory

In the past, ordering building materials involved a lot of work, took a long time, and produced large amounts of paper. Employees had to intervene manually at every stage of the ordering process. This was time consuming and prone to errors. Short notice orders from construction sites further disrupted the process and led to stress and mistakes. The solution: a fully automated and thus lightning-fast ordering process featuring a web store to enable orders to be placed on the construction site at any time.


Highly automated process creates time and minimizes errors

Today, orders at Frutiger AG are taken via web shop, the ERP receives and processes the order data automatically and also takes care of prioritization. At the same time, warehouse employees are notified in real time about new orders, which can thus be processed quickly and reliably. As a result, the process also brings enormous relief for the warehouse. And on the construction sites, people are pleased that orders can be placed at any time and their tools and machines are on site the very next day.


UMB models and automates with Camunda BPM

UMB has modeled and automated the ordering process for the Frutiger web shop based on Camunda BPM. This requires not only a lot of experience with BPM software, but also a deep understanding of the ordering processes of a construction company. Christian Squaratti, Head of Department Frutiger Operations, comments: «UMB understands our business and has built an outstanding and sophisticated BPM platform as a digital process factory.»


Deploying the application using container technologies in the UMB data center

DevOps supports flexible software development. In addition, automated processes and modern container technologies are applied. UMB has deployed the ordering process with these methods and tools in the flexible and highly scalable UMB cloud and is now responsible for operation and support.


Order process shortened from over 30 minutes to just two minutes

Today, the average processing time for an order is only two minutes. Thanks to UMB, order processing is now a highly automated process that not only creates over 7,000 hours a year for Frutiger, but also minimizes errors.


Frutiger has now an additional 7,000 hours per year for quality, drive and consistency.



UMB Business Automation: Your Smart Path to Successful Digitization.
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UMB understands our business and has built an outstanding and sophisticated BPM platform as a digital process factory.

Christian Squaratti, Head of Department Frutiger Operations, Frutiger AG


  • Ordering anywhere at any time
  • Far fewer errors throughout the ordering process
  • Satisfied employees

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