Especially the Small Ones Need to be Protected!

Cyberattacks can strike any company any day. Recent experience has clearly demonstrated this. Although the Swiss Ornithological Institute in Sempach is small, with just over 100 users, it rightly takes the issue of security very seriously - and places its trust in UMB and Sophos.

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The Swiss Ornithological Institute Sempach has been engaged in the research and protection of birds since 1924. It is a private, charitable and very likeable foundation supported by the population - an organization therefore appearing to be the very last target of cyberattacks.
However, the people in charge of the Ornithological Institute had UMB develop a security concept. To provide them with enough time and peace of mind to protect birds the best possible way, a secure IT system is essential.


Synchronized Security delivers the decisive advantage in terms of protection.

The Swiss Ornithological Institute has opted for Sophos. Sophos Synchronized Security covers endpoint, firewall, wireless, mobile, e-mail, and encryption. The great advantage of Synchronized Security is the fact that the individual components can communicate with each other and act automatically. This provides decisive additional security. You too can take advantage of the benefits of Sophos Security via our Cyber Defense Center.


The Swiss Ornithological Institute in Sempach has more time for the research and protection of birds. 

UMB and Sophos make us secure. This leaves us with more time and peace of mind for the research and protection of birds.

Michael Probst, Head of IT, Swiss Ornithological Institute, Sempach

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