Basler and Hofmann Ready for the Future With a Modern Network for All Locations.

When it comes to IT infrastructure, Basler und Hofmann has relied on close cooperation with the experts from UMB for a whole decade. Consequently, UMB was also tasked with the planning, implementation and maintenance of the consolidation project with which the Swiss engineering and consulting company recently modernized and standardized its IT infrastructure at all of the company's locations.

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Since 1963, Basler & Hofmann has been providing support for complex projects when it comes to construction, mobility, energy, safety or the environment. The independent Swiss engineering, planning and consulting company assists its clients in all phases of a project - from the feasibility study to construction management and overall project management. Since its foundation more than half a century ago, Basler & Hofmann has continuously expanded its competencies. For its own network infrastructure, Basler & Hofmann has relied on close cooperation with UMB AG for the past ten years. After its own networks had been maintained by its own specialists for many years, the company decided to hand it over to a reliable partner. Today, Basler & Hofmann's IT team is supported by UMB specialists: They advise the internal IT team and reinforce the existing in-house personnel when required.


Standardized components for easy maintenance 

«We see ourselves not only as a supplier, but also as a specialized consultant and solution provider who flexibly and reliably covers Basler & Hofmann's requirements as needed», says UMB Sales Consultant Stefan Küttel. «This includes acting as an interface between Basler & Hofmann and the solution providers Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Fortinet as well as taking care of all maintenance».  

Basler & Hofmann's network had grown historically, with the result that network components of different versions and manufacturers were in use at individual locations. As a result, support and maintenance had become complex, and adjustments were costly and error-prone. The company therefore decided to bring all components up to date and standardize them. Starting with the Zurich site, the network was completely modernized starting in 2017, with the goal of standardizing and networking all sites. LAN and WLAN solutions from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and the network security solution from Fortinet were used. During 2018, the IT infrastructures of the company's sites and subsidiaries were consolidated, and a new office in Bern as well as a new building in Lucerne were also integrated. In all cases, existing components and networks were used where possible.


State-of-the-art technology 

Cooperation for this project between Basler & Hofmann and UMB once again proved its worth. The internal IT team was able to concentrate entirely on communication and coordination with the stakeholders in the company - for example, establishing user requirements and defining maintenance windows - and leave the detailed planning and execution of the project to the UMB experts. In addition to procuring and installing the components, UMB was also responsible for designing the solution and updating the technical plans. 

Basler & Hofmann AG has now standardized its systems and networks throughout the company. All locations are now integrated into the monitoring and security system, and all workstations are connected to the LAN. A guest WLAN is available, and the establishment of an internal WLAN is planned. «The implementation of the project has helped us to reduce maintenance efforts and to reduce the number of possible sources of errors during operation,» says Marcus Deluigi, Head of ICT at Basler & Hofmann AG. «Thanks to the excellent cooperation with UMB, we were able to implement a standardized, state-of-the-art network across our business with minimal effort.»

The implementation of the project has helped us to reduce maintenance efforts and to reduce the number of possible sources of errors during operation.

Marcus Deluigi, Head of ICT, Basler & Hofmann AG

Basler & Hofmann AG

Basler & Hofmann is an independent family-owned company with six locations in Switzerland and offices in Germany, Slovakia, Italy, and Singapore.

Since its foundation in 1963, Basler & Hofmann has grown to 700 employees covering more than 30 specialist disciplines. The company's quality management system is certified to ISO 9001 and its environmental management system to ISO 14001.

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