«Anihelp Tierhilfe»: Sponsorship Certificates at the Touch of a Button Thanks to UMB.

Until recently, Anihelp sponsorship certificates were created manually in PowerPoint and InDesign. That is now a thing of the past. The new automated cloud solution is much simpler and thus creates time. Thanks to a modern web interface, data can now be entered from anywhere and a certificate can be created at the touch of a button. By significantly simplifying and speeding up the process, there is more time for innovative animal aid. The assignment is a charitable engagement of UMB and has been developed by an apprentice.

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«Anihelp Tierhilfe» is a non-profit association committed to providing help to animals in need. The association with headquarters in Thun is committed to helping animals in need quickly, directly and in an uncomplicated way. To achieve this, simple and time-creating processes that speed up the day-to-day business are very important.


Analog data capture takes up too much time

Anihelp's work is based on volunteer efforts. Many of the volunteers have a part-time job. Therefore, it is especially important for processes to be lean in order to keep coordination and administration efforts as low as possible.

It is also important for Anihelp to automate processes as much as possible due to its limited budget. One of these processes concerns the provision of sponsorships. Food and spay/neuter sponsorships are recognized by the association with the award of certificates. These certificates were created manually using PowerPoint and InDesign. This process cost Anihelp several hours per month, which could have been better invested in rescuing animals.


Smart web interface delivers simplicity and acceleration

Sponsorship certificates should be able to be created in a user-friendly and automated way. The design is always the same. We have opted for a simple web interface. This allows helpers who are not very tech-savvy to create a sponsorship certificate at the touch of a button. This is also possible via mobile browser and therefore accessible from anywhere.


Simple solution thanks to AWS Amplify and Lambda

Our new web interface for Anihelp is hosted on AWS Amplify. Thanks to AWS Amplify, we were able to build a solution that makes it easy to configure app backends and create and scale front ends for the web.

To minimize costs and maximize efficiency, we decided to use AWS Lambda as a data processing service. Lambda allows code to be run to process and manage data without the need to provision a server. Lambda runs the code on a high-performance computing infrastructure and manages all of the associated resources.

Data is stored in AWS S3, a simple, high-performance, web-based storage service that is scalable. This enables data and applications to be archived and backed up in Amazon Web Services. With AWS Lambda and the AWS S3 storage service, we were able to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for Anihelp.


Document creation: seconds instead of minutes

The web interface developed by UMB simplifies the document creation for Anihelp and does not require deeper technical know-how. In addition, the solution enables mobile processing. This means that the certificates can be created via cell phone or tablet if there is an internet connection. Before the implementation, it took at least five minutes to create certificates; now it is just a few seconds. This creates time every day for Anihelp to be able to help animals.


A charitable commitment by UMB

Cynthia Güntensperger, President of Anihelp Tierhilfe, says: «We have been given a free software solution that makes our day-to-day work easier. This provides us with more time for rescuing and caring for needy furry creatures. Thank you UMB!»

«Anihelp Tierhilfe» has more time for animals in need.

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