An ISP Network for the Future: Powerful, Stable, Fast and Economically Scalable

Internet service providers are faced with ever-increasing demands in terms of technologies and network infrastructure. To thrive in this competitive market, they need high-performance, stable networks that can be scaled easily, quickly and economically. This is exactly why the infrastructure and Internet service provider next layer has opted for the high-performance network solutions from Juniper Networks.

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next layer is an owner-managed, independent Austrian service provider, founded and managed by pioneers of the Austrian Internet. The innovative and growth-oriented company operates an Austria-wide data communications network based on state-of-the-art technologies as well as three data centers in Vienna and provides cloud and managed IT services exclusively for business customers, content providers, and other service providers. The comprehensive range of services extends from connectivity services and data center services to operational management and the outsourcing of entire IT processes.



The service provider business is characterized by fast pace, technological progress, and increasing demands on the network infrastructure. On the one hand, networking is increasing and next layer must permanently meet the growing demand for bandwidths and speed in order to be able to satisfy the growing needs of customers at all times. On the other hand, demanding customers expect more functionality combined with high stability at a competitive price.

Many criteria that were considered add-ons a few years ago are now taken for granted and accordingly no longer paid extra. More performance for the same price has long since become reality for next layer as well. The Internet service provider is therefore faced with the challenge of having to quickly expand and regularly renew the technical infrastructure, ensure availability and at the same time keep costs under control in order to operate profitably and offer its customers good value for money.

«In order for us to keep up with the pace of the changing business environment, it is necessary to build our network in such a way that we can scale easily, without interruption and cost-effectively», says Christian Mandel, Head of Network Operations at next layer. «Our customers expect constant availability, demand higher performance and require numerous features to be provided and everything to function one hundred percent stable - that's what we want to deliver to our customers and for that we need the right infrastructure.»



From the very beginning, next layer was interested in a strategic technology partner that understands the specific requirements of a locally operating service provider and can optimally support it with innovative solutions. Christian Mandel explains: «We chose Juniper Networks because the manufacturer has always been focused on carriers and ISPs and therefore develops products that are precisely tailored to our needs.»

In addition, the price-performance ratio as well as the flexible use of the products were the decisive criteria. «We quickly found ourselves in the Juniper Networks product range. We need devices that scale midrange, but still provide the full performance spectrum and cover all the features of large models - and that is exactly what distinguishes Juniper Networks,» says Christian Mandel. A concrete example of this is the support of MPLS, which is not only offered by Juniper Networks on the large devices for the service provider market, but also on their data center products. «Especially in terms of price and performance, we feel very comfortable. Of course, there are other manufacturers that carry appropriately scalable models for carriers and telcos. However, for an Austrian service provider like us, these solutions are usually not within a reasonable range in terms of scale. With Juniper Networks, we have the opportunity to start with the right systems and then scale up. »

In the routing area, next layer uses MX 3D Series Universal Edge Routers, which stand out as a product series due to their outstanding capacity, port density, performance and stability, as well as the robustly designed ACX Series Universal Access Routers. In the switching area, the company relies on the high-performance QFX series data center switches with their high port density. «These components were also able to convince us with their power and space requirements as well as their cost per port. Factors that are essential for a service provider like us.»



Together with network specialists from UMB, the Austrian Internet service provider has succeeded in building a flexible and performant network infrastructure that can easily and quickly adapt to the needs of the market. With the cross-network operating system Junos OS, processes can be automated and all Juniper Networks products - physical as well as virtual - can be administered via a uniform user interface. This saves time, ensures efficiency and simplifies daily operations.

«We have a long-standing partnership with UMB, which is characterized by open cooperation and mutual appreciation. Our teams tick very similarly and we follow the same principles, so we simply fit together well in every respect,» reveals Christian Mandel. «The colleagues at UMB are true experts in network solutions with deep technical know-how and a focus on Juniper Networks. They also bring tremendous understanding and sensitivity to our business. Whether it's order processing, logistics, maintenance contracts, or assistance in finding solutions to problems, or pushing certain issues in the manufacturer's direction: It is an immense added value to be able to fall back on such a competent and reliable partner when needed. » next layer has grown continuously since its founding in 2004 and has massively developed its network infrastructure to meet increasing customer demands. The Internet service provider has not only invested in the expansion of new data center locations, but also in the performance of its own network. Today, next layer has an Austria-wide backbone with several 100 Gbit/s and is present at all relevant European Internet exchanges. The new core network is equipped with expandable, fully redundant chassis routers and thus offers sufficient capacity for the future. The in-house engineering team at next layer takes care of analyzing the traffic flow on a daily basis. This enables them to work with UMB and Juniper Networks to define strategies and plan upcoming expansions or changes, extensively test potential new products, and validate the solution design under laboratory conditions prior to deployment in live operation.

Christian Mandel states: «We feel that we are in good hands with Juniper Networks and are well equipped for the future. With its products, the manufacturer has not only provided us with the ideal platform, but also leaves all options open for us in the future. This gives us the agility we need as a service provider to meet the ever-growing demands of our customers and also not let costs get out of control.»

We feel that we are in good hands with Juniper Networks and are well equipped for the future.

Christian Mandel, Head of Network Operations, next layer

Next layer

Since 2004, next layer has been advising demanding business customers on the procurement, setup, maintenance, and operation of network and server infrastructure and sees itself as a competent partner in the conceptual design of individual network and server solutions. next layer's know-how and expertise are valued by well-known companies such as the Federal Computing Center, Wien Energie, the University of Vienna/ACOnet, and Austrian Airlines.

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