Windows 365: The OS from the cloud, for the PC in the cloud.

Applications from the cloud have become indispensable in many areas - one very well-known example is Microsoft Office. For more than a year now, Windows 365 has also been available in the cloud. It makes it possible to access a Windows PC containing all your applications and files on many different devices - from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

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This huge level of interest surprised even Microsoft: After Windows 365 was launched in the summer of 2021, the trial subscription offer had to be discontinued after just two days - demand was simply too high. While Microsoft has not disclosed any user figures yet, Windows 365 has since become a much-used cloud-based operating system.


Installation unnecessary and reduced power consumption

Windows 365 makes it possible to stream a Windows desktop environment to an end device via a web browser or an app. This can be a desktop PC, a laptop, a tablet or even a smartphone. Users can access their Windows apps and files on all of these devices without requiring installation or compromising their device's performance or security. What is necessary, however, is a reliable Internet connection. If this requirement is met, Windows 365 will always provide the latest version of any Windows program, without requiring downloads or additional charges. The service also has an environmental aspect: Power consumption is reduced because physical servers can be dispensed with. This in turn saves costs and administrative effort.


Simplifying IT services and reducing costs

Windows 365 is especially popular with companies that want to simplify their IT management and thus reduce costs. It is also used where team members are mobile and still need secure access to their applications and files. The same applies, of course, to those employees who switch between office workplaces and home offices: With Windows 365, they can access a consistent, customized desktop environment wherever they are. The service also offers high computing power from the cloud, which, for example, creative professionals who perform graphics-intensive tasks may need. Schools can use the PC in the cloud to give their students access to their Windows apps and files on a wide range of devices.

Windows 365 can be accessed through the website or However, access is also possible via Microsoft Remote Desktop. This app is available for Windows, but also for macOS, iOS and Android. For Windows 10 and 11, a new Windows 365 app has been available now for a few weeks. It can be found in the Microsoft Store and will be installed in newer Windows versions.


What you need to make it work

System requirements for Windows 365 may differ depending on whether you use the service personally or for business. For personal use, you only need a device with a web browser and an Internet connection. For business use, this also applies, but depending on your network configuration, there are additional requirements. For example, if a dedicated network is deployed along with Azure Active Directory-connected cloud PCs, a virtual network must be available in your Azure subscription in the same region where Windows 365 desktops are created. Also, network connectivity to DNS servers that can resolve your Active Directory domain must be available. If you want to use Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on your Windows cloud PCs, you must have at least 2 cores and 1 GB of memory available on your end device. Windows 365 integrates with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for easier administration and enhanced security. The lowest price for Windows 365 in Switzerland per individual user per month is currently 21.30 Swiss francs; prices are higher for business users[i].


An off-line cloud PC lies in the future

As Microsoft announced in a blog post[ii], in the future Windows 365 will also work offline. Work is underway to make it possible to use Windows 365 even when the connection is lost. When the connection is restored, the cloud PC will synchronize automatically. This feature will be especially useful when there is no constant Internet connection available. Also planned: Windows 365 Boot. This should make it possible for users to log on to the cloud PC directly and set it as the primary Windows OS on the device. When the device is turned on, Windows 365 Boot should lead directly to Windows Hello and from there directly to the Windows 365 cloud PC. Finally, Windows 365 Switch is also in the cloud PC future. This will make it possible to switch between the cloud PC and the local desktop with keyboard commands, a mouse click or a swipe gesture.


UMB: Microsoft competence certified many times over

With five Microsoft Solutions Partner certifications, UMB has further consolidated its position in the exclusive circle of Swiss Microsoft top partners. As a Solutions Partner focusing on data & AI, infrastructure, digital & app innovation, modern work, and security, UMB has demonstrated its comprehensive Microsoft cloud expertise. Few Microsoft partners possess such a broad range of expertise and awards. The certifications are a testament to the expertise and commitment to delivering best-in-class Microsoft solutions, such as Windows 365, as well as Office 365.

If you are looking for support with your Microsoft projects and solutions, our team of specialists will be happy to assist you. Please contact us for more information.


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