Watson Demonstrates Cognitive Intelligence in Day-to-Day Operations.

AI industry leader IBM finds more and more application possibilities in everyday business activities for its Watson platform. Practical applications can be found in manufacturing, the energy sector, the postal service, or the finance sector.

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In a current article, Industry Week, a well-established industry magazine, argues that AI is positioning itself as the transformative technology of the century, already strongly influencing many businesses in the industrial sector. According to the author deciders have only two options: Embrace the new technology or get left behind.


ABB: AI for the industrial and energy sector

At the Swedish-Swiss industrial giant ABB the decision to use artificial intelligence and cooperate with IBM has been made a long time ago. The two enterprises are combining their digital know-how in a strategic partnership where they develop applications for various sectors. For example, ABB and IBM will employ Watson’s skills to find faulty products by analyzing production images using IBM Watson IoT for Manufacturing. Previously, such inspections had to be done manually. The new process leads to an increase of productivity, accuracy, and consistency. Exactly as IBM Vice President Gene Chao once said: "AI is an applied science. If there's no application of it; it's just a cool thing." This is also demonstrated in the energy sector where Watson is employed to forecast supply and demand patterns in the power generation business, using weather data and historical information to facilitate the optimization of today’s smart grids, which are facing increased complexity through the use of conventional and renewable power sources. Weather forecasts can be used to predict energy demand, which in turn can help determine optimal load management and pricing.


DHL: AI for logistical intelligence

Artificial intelligence impacts the development of the logistics sector too. IBM and Deutsche Post DHL have looked into the potential of AI in logistics and have issued a joint report. The conclusion: The operating model in logistics can be transformed by employing artificial intelligence - reactive action is replaced by pro-active and predictive action. AI technologies are able to utilize state of the art image recognition to monitor the condition of facilities and freight, enable autonomous transports or predict fluctuations of freight volumes. This makes it possible for logistic companies to ship goods before they actually have been ordered.


UMB digitizes with Watson and UMB business automation

UMB is one of numerous companies already using IBM Watson technology and offers many additional AI options in their digitization solution UMB business automation. UMB knows IBM and is the first IBM Platinum Business Partner in Switzerland. Our cooperation with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences provides us with specific AI know-how. Please contact us for additional information.