VMworld 2021: The Magic Word is… Multicloud.

Deploying a wide variety of applications on a wide variety of public clouds within a company is set to become the norm when it comes to business IT in the coming decades. That's how VMware sees it and is therefore focusing all its activities on supporting the business world in tapping the full potential of multicloud technology. This is what VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram promised at this year's (virtual) VMworld, which concluded on October 7. The first big step in this direction is VMware's new cross-cloud services platform.

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Multicloud will become more prevalent over the next 20 years, partly because it increases the speed of applications and innovation. The combined use of different public and private cloud environments leads to greater business resilience and makes it easy for companies not to commit to individual providers, but to use the best services from different clouds, says VMware.


Products and platforms for the multicloud world

A whole range of new platforms and products that fully support the multicloud philosophy were therefore launched at the virtual 2021 VMworld. The intention is to assist enterprises with edge computing and implementing hybrid working as well.

"We're taking the products you know and trust and extending their capabilities for the multicloud world," says Raghu Raghuram.

Included in this promise are the biggest names in the public cloud business. Arguably the most important premiere of the show was the unveiling of VMware's cross-cloud services platform. On this platform, end users can pick and choose which services they need from Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba or Oracle. This should help pave the way for enterprises to move to the cloud by giving customers the ability to freely and flexibly build, run, and secure applications on any cloud.


500 business apps distributed across different clouds

The average enterprise runs about 500 applications to keep their business running[i], and those applications are spread across multiple clouds. Seventy-five percent of VMware customers use two or more public clouds and 40 percent use three or more[ii]. However, multi-cloud environments are very complex. This complexity often forces a trade-off between speed and risk management, resulting in slower execution and higher costs. That's where VMware comes in: VMware cross-cloud services offer three key benefits: accelerated deployment, cost efficiency, flexibility and control over each cloud. VMware cross-cloud services consist of five core building blocks, which are:

  • A platform for cloud-native application development and deployment;
  • The cloud infrastructure for running and executing enterprise applications;
  • Cloud management tools to monitor and manage the performance and cost of applications across multiple clouds;
  • Security and networking solutions, for the entire multi-cloud operation, to connect and secure all applications;
  • a digital workspace to support a decentralized workforce.


A whole range of new products

New products launched at VMworld 2021 include[iii]: VMware Edge, a product portfolio that enables enterprises to run, manage, and better secure edge-native applications across multiple clouds.

VMware cloud disaster recovery is a cost-effective DR-as-a-service (DRaaS) solution that enables faster recovery, so organizations are better able to avoid paying ransom. Customers can leverage immutable snapshots stored in an isolated cloud file system. VMware Carbon Black Cloud can now be enabled with a simple switch in VMware vCenter, making it easier and faster to protect against ransomware attacks.

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