UMB Expert Update from the Citrix Summit 19 in Orlando.

The Citrix Summit in Orlando ended on Thursday, January 10, 2019. Robert Magasi, Simon Fritschi, and Mirco Suter attended the conference in Florida for UMB. You can read a summary of our Citrix engineering team leader Mirco Suter here - for all those who couldn't be there.

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The UMB team of experts at the Citrix Summit, from left to right: Robert Magasi, Simon Fritschi and Mirco Suter
Robert Magasi (UMB), Lauren Strauss (Citrix Switzerland), Simon Fritschi (UMB), Simeon Bosshard (Citrix Switzerland), Marco Fernandez (Citrix Switzerland), Mirco Suter (UMB)

More than 5,000 participants attended this week's Citrix partner conference in Orlando, Florida. Among them were three UMB specialists from our Citrix operations and engineering teams. During the conference, they were able to obtain the latest information on product updates and developments and will pass this knowledge on to our customers.


Experience, security, and choice

Experience, security, and choice - these three buzzwords were heard again and again at the Citrix Summit 2019. Almost every expert presentation was structured along these terms. It seems as if Citrix aims to set itself apart from the competition through these three important features, especially concerning their cloud services. Everything revolved around cloud computing and workplace solutions from the Citrix cloud during our five days in Orlando. Particularly noteworthy is the flexibility that Citrix offers to their end customers. Unlike all other competitors, Citrix aims to enable end customers to seamlessly switch their cloud hosting partners at any time. Thus, the conference clearly demonstrated how quickly workplace workloads can be transferred to the cloud today.


Impressive integration of cloud services

The integration of cloud services such as ServiceNow, Salesforce or Microsoft Teams into existing application/desktop resources and collaboration files (formerly ShareFile) was also demonstrated in an impressive manner. For example, a ServiceNow entry is displayed directly in the workspace and a resulting document is shared with Microsoft teams.

In networking, the web application firewall service (WAF) deserves mentioning. This service is particularly interesting for smaller customers; it makes it possible to obtain WAF service as a cloud service to protect on-premise applications.

The previously individually licensed Citrix Secure Web Gateway, front-end proxy for outgoing Internet connections, is now part of the Citrix ADC (formerly NetScaler) Premium (formerly Platinum) licenses. This will, among others, benefit all Citrix ADC-SDX customers.


Unleash the full potential of Citrix with UMB

UMB and Citrix are leading edge partners, and the five-day exchange with Citrix product team employees was therefore all the more valuable. Citrix enables people to work together wherever they are in the world. As a Citrix Platinum Solution Advisor, UMB helps you to unleash this incredible potential within your organization.

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