UMB: Attractive Through Expert Knowledge and Transformation Experience.

Global IT market research company IDC has issued an extensive analysis dealing with the development of digital transformation of Swiss companies. The shifting of business activities into the cloud, involving containers and PaaS (Platforms as a Service), plays a key role in these activities. In its analysis, IDC looks at UMB and its role in this development.

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Swiss companies are very busy with the modernization of their legacy IT infrastructures to be able to take advantage of container platforms and develop agile business models, IDC writes. To achieve this, companies are looking for open technologies and alliances with solution providers that can draw on experience with the development and operation of PaaS and container deployment. IDC sees an advantage for providers which simplify the utilization of container services for their client - such providers offering a PaaS infrastructure and corresponding support.


Open Source, DevOps and Digital Transformation

UMB’s hybrid cloud and container platform solutions are based on Red Hat technologies and built on the concepts of digital transformation, open source, and DevOps. According to IDC, this is one of the great strengths of UMB in this brave new business IT world of clouds and containers, and it might also help Red Hat bring its technologies into leading Swiss companies to power their transformation.

However, the greatest advantage of cooperating with UMB IDC sees is the strong knowledge of UMB across all aspects of IT. IDC lists mainframes and hypervisors, x86 and power servers, storage and network technology, legacy IT and containers, as well as DevOps and microservices as examples. Such concentrated expertise combined with open source knowledge and valuable transition experience regarding hybrid cloud and application platforms make UMB a very attractive IT service provider for Swiss companies.


To read the entire analysis, please click here (PDF, 12 pages)


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