SQL 2008 Databases: How to proceed without security risk?

Microsoft no longer delivers software and security updates for SQL Server 2008 since July 9th, which will render this product a significant security and compliance risk. Do you have a plan how to keep your existing SQL 2008 databases running without turning them into a potential vulnerability?

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The end of security updates for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 did not come as a complete surprise; after all, the database management software is already eleven years old. Obviously, the end of support for SQL 2008 will not only affect the licensed SQL Server versions, but also the widely used free SQL Server "Express" edition. Applications containing databases executed with this software will be at risk from security and stability problems after the deadline. There will also be a considerable compliance risk.


An opportunity for consolidation

Generally, it is not advisable to continue running SQL 2008 after Microsoft's extended support expires. Apart from security risks, new applications cannot run on outdated SQL servers, so a new additional installation will be required. For companies wishing to obtain ISO certification or remain DSGVO-compliant, updating will in fact be unavoidable. This does not necessarily have to be annoying. The end of Microsoft's support is also an opportunity to check the SQL Server installations with regard to their functionality and, if possible, to consolidate multiple servers in order to save license and operating costs.


What options do you have?

Basically, there are two options for you as a customer. Option one is to migrate to Azure: Microsoft guarantees free extended security updates for SQL versions 2008 and 2008 R2 on Azure for another three years. Option two is to migrate your SQL 2008 or 2008 R2 databases to a newer SQL Server version.

Before you decide on one of the two possibilities, it is definitely advisable to analyze your individual situation in order to implement an appropriate future solution for your specific needs. At UMB, we will support you competently and independently, regardless of which solution you choose. Please contact us.