Seven Services à la Carte - for Perfect Corporate Communication

Access to a broad and customized range of communications services is critical for businesses to meet their needs and avoid communication constraints. Get an overview of seven network, cloud and communication services that we offer together with our partner Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. The services have been designed specifically for different levels and lines of business to meet the unique customer needs.

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A reliable and easy-to-use modern communication solution for all employees in the office, at home or on the road is an important basis for efficient work and successful collaboration. UC&C stands for Unified Communications and Collaboration. UC&C integrates various communication tools such as voice, IP telephony, instant messaging, desktop sharing, presence, web conferencing, audio and video conferencing to enable virtually seamless collaboration.

A high-performance network infrastructure is a prerequisite for any modern communications solution. With home office employees, end customers or partners, such an infrastructure also extends beyond the boundaries of the company. We at UMB understand the needs and requirements and can provide you with valuable support in this area as well.


Standard communication services with public, hybrid or private cloud?

The cloud offers enterprise customers three different models for standard UC&C communications services.

The public cloud offers a high degree of flexibility, is available as a subscription model, and enables rapid deployment of innovations without high internal costs.

The hybrid cloud combines the strengths of local devices and cloud services, offering investment protection and a high level of security. The hybrid cloud also enables rapid deployment of new service offerings.

The private cloud is ideal for businesses and organizations that value their own on-premises solution. The necessary infrastructure is either operated on their own premises or combined with private cloud services, for example in an UMB data center in Switzerland.

Migration paths from one model to another are possible and must be considered in the strategy. While standard functionalities provide a strong foundation, communication solutions also offer industry-specific services. These services cater to the unique needs of different sectors, such as hospitals for patient communication or hotels for guest communication. They are also part of basic communication services - but with specific features for these industries.

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Integrated communication services

With CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service), individual communication services such as making and receiving audio or video calls, name resolution, contact, service ticket popup, etc. can be quickly and easily integrated into applications, websites and bots. Our communication services offer a high number of turnkey connectors, for example for Salesforce, Servicenow, Microsoft Teams, Google Office and other apps. This enables a strong service in communication with and for the customer.


Chat & voice bot services

By using standardized offers, a web chat can be set up for website visitors with little effort and within a short time. The integration of CPaaS functions and artificial intelligence enables many other types of useful bot services. This can significantly improve the accessibility and availability of information for customers.


Customer experience services

Modern and fruitful interaction with end customers is one of the most important success factors for many companies. The number of new media available to communicate with customers is growing and constantly changing. New media replace or complement existing channels. We offer our customers both on-site solutions and customer experience services from the cloud. This works best when all customer interactions are contextualized with the available information about that customer - so that agents and/or bots can deliver world-class service. Modern AI helps with data processing. 

Seven Services à la Carte - For a comprehensive range of digitalization services for your corporate communications

With Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) as a partner, UMB offers a broad communications portfolio and network portfolio.

Together, we offer our customers a full range of best-in-class technology solutions to support their business operations and enterprise communications. ALE provides customized communications and networking solutions for organizations of all sizes - for on-premises, cloud or hybrid deployments. UMB is a leading expert in business and technology transformation. With its IT services, UMB creates time for innovation and bold business ideas for its clients. The partnership with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise ensures optimal communication and perfect connections in your business. 

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Workflow as a service

We believe that properly applied automation makes businesses more successful by allowing them to focus on what matters and respond quickly and accurately when needed. We can connect networks, switches, access points, and sensors of all kinds, determine the location of devices and people, use AI for interpretation, and respond to events automatically and intelligently. For example, we can automatically initiate processes, set up conferences, or automatically play video images. In this way, we can ensure safety, optimal production processes, good cooperation between different organizations and overcome other challenges.


Training communications services

Organizations and businesses can use modern training platforms to deliver online training to employees, customers or students. Instructors always have control over their classes, the course material they share, and the participation in the class. A modern training platform offers many standard features, but can also be integrated with other training platforms that may already be in place. In this way, you maintain flexibility and openness and benefit from optimized costs. We also offer exciting new solutions for conducting webinars.


Backup and emergency communication services

Today's communications solutions are designed to be easy to use from any location. However, this often increases the complexity of the solution architecture. This, combined with the growing threat of malware, puts these solutions at risk. In order to maintain the most important communication services even in an emergency, there are interesting insurance offers. In the event of a failure of the standard communication solution, these can activate an emergency operation within a very short time so that your communication continues to function.