Quick and easy: How to Set Up Your Own DevOps Environment.

The development of software is undergoing radical change; monolithic software is obsolete; agile, scalable, and constantly available programs are in demand. Software agility is driven by DevOps and modern software development utilizing containers. We have developed a solution based on the UMB cloud which allows us to quickly and flexibly provide a secure and scalable DevOps environment.

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Just as a reminder: DevOps stands for the fusion of software development and IT operations. It is also an applied philosophy to improve internal business processes and to avoid gaps between software development (Dev) and operation (Ops). The aim is to ensure efficient cooperation between developers and administrators for the implementation of high-quality software - from conception to delivery.

Containers are extremely useful in this context because they run everywhere: locally, in the cloud, or in mixed infrastructures. In contrast to virtual machines (VM), they run without a built-in operating system - OS resources are retrieved via a program interface (API). While virtualization makes it possible to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single system, containers share the same operating system kernel and separate the application from the rest of the system.


A cluster for VM or container deployment

The container platform from the UMB cloud is instantly available when needed. This enables us to quickly and easily deploy individual containers or a dedicated single or multi-node Kubernetes cluster with freely scalable resources. If source code management tools and code inspection are not already in use for software development, they can be deployed or migrated to our platform as well. Within the provided Kubernetes cluster, it is possible to choose between VM deployment and container deployment. Other services such as image repositories, code inspection, deployment tools, or file services can also be deployed by this stack within a very short time.


You have the choice: on-premise or cloud

In addition to our UMB cloud container platform (PaaS) which is shared with other customers, our HCI solution can also make a cost-effective local DevOps environment available in just a few days. Choose between the UMB cloud container platform and our on-premise solution. Whether cloud or local - with our container deployment scenarios you remain agile and scalable in your business at all times.


Are you ready to transform with DevOps or Containers? UMB offers practical solutions, expertise and support. Please contact me.


Platform as a Service from the UMB Cloud.

NetApp: the leading cloud storage supplier

UMB has been a NetApp Gold Partner since 2010. Along with scalable storage, we also offer archive and backup solutions as well as convergent infrastructures.