Office 365 Now Available from the Swiss Microsoft Cloud.

A few months ago, Microsoft celebrated the opening of their new data center in Switzerland. UMB has covered this opening at various Azure events. The next event will take place on Thursday, February 27, 2020 at 'Welle 7' in Bern. Office 365 is now available. We know the answers to all your questions about the Swiss Microsoft cloud.

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As an early adopter and user of the Swiss Microsoft datacenter, we are able to provide you with first-hand information on the expansion of the Microsoft cloud in Switzerland. Below are some frequently asked questions. Our experts will be happy to advise you and support you with our leading edge know-how during the changeover.

Frequently asked questions about the Swiss Microsoft cloud

  • When exactly will Office 365 be available in Switzerland?
    Microsoft Office 365 is now available in the Swiss Microsoft cloud. For more information, please contact me.
  • Where is the Swiss Microsoft cloud located?
    The redundantly designed data center is operated in Geneva (Switzerland West) and Zurich (Switzerland North). Microsoft now has 54 Azure regions worldwide.
  • What cloud services are offered by Microsoft in Switzerland?
    Microsoft plans to cover all Microsoft cloud services with the Microsoft datacenter Switzerland. We will of course inform you about each new service. The following Office 365 services are already available from Switzerland: Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and, fortunately, Microsoft Teams as well.
  • Will license prices change as a result of the move?
    Although Azure services in Switzerland differ from other regions, prices for Office 365 services remain unchanged.
  • How can I initiate the relocation of our Office 365 environment from Europe to Switzerland?
    The move can be requested via the Office 365 admin portal, subject to availability. You may arrange this on your own or contact us in order for us to assist you with the changeover.
    Important information: It may take up to 24 months for the application to be processed by Microsoft.. According to Microsoft, this very long timeframe is a security measure to cushion a possible run on the Swiss cloud services. However, we expect waiting times to be shorter than that.
  • Who will carry out the move and how will the process work?
    The move is automated and will be carried out directly by Microsoft. The process has been publicly documented by Microsoft.
  • Do I have to expect downtime during the move?
    The move will take place without essential failure or interruption. Due to the move, however, some restrictions may arise during the process.
  • What will the migration cost me?
    The move is free of charge and will be carried out by Microsoft.
  • What happens if I take no action?
    Nothing will change for the time being. The Microsoft capacity management team reserves the right to proactively migrate Swiss company data to Switzerland at a later date.
  • What does UMB recommend?
    Due to the shorter distance to the data center we anticipate lower latency times and better performance. It is not clear yet whether and to what extent this will be noticeable for end-users. From our point of view a change makes sense in any case.


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