Need Magic Power for Your SAP?

Do you still maintain your SAP environment yourself? UMB takes over the SAP base operation for you on the strong IBM Power 10 platform. You will benefit from exactly calculable costs, clearly regulated responsibilities, and perfect scalability. Enjoy the time you will have gained for the further development of your SAP - or simply for your core business.

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Peter Leutwyler
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creating time: UMB can handle SAP Basis operations for you.

Maintaining your SAP environment yourself can be a waste of time. After all, you need an incredible amount of know-how to do it. And where can you find good SAP specialists these days?

Well-known companies such as Spar, Confiserie Sprüngli, Vitra, Condair and many more are among our satisfied SAP customers. Contact us now. We will present you with your options in a non-binding conversation. And you will find out how much time we can create for you!


Boost Your SAP with IBM Power 10 Now!

IBM Power is rightly regarded as one of the strongest, most reliable and most secure platforms. The technology is therefore perfectly suited for SAP HANA. In the UMB SAP Cloud, you can benefit from IBM Power 10 and our know-how without having to invest yourself. These are your technological advantages:

  • More flexibility: IBM Power offers granular scalability of memory and cores without DB restarts.
  • Faster data analysis: IBM Power offers 2.5x better performance per core than comparable x86 servers
  • Highest availability: IBM Power offers 99.999% proven reliability
  • Superior Security: IBM Power has 17x fewer unplanned outages due to security incidents than comparable systems. 
  • Swiss Laws: We operate our SAP cloud from Switzerland - under Swiss law. 

IBM Power10 for SAP HANA (IBM, pdf)

UMB is the only Swiss provider to offer SAP HANA on IBM Power 10 as a straightforward cloud solution. Our experts with over 500 years of combined experience take care of the entire SAP base operation for you.