More Time for Your Customers Thanks to Virtual Helpers!

Do your employees repeatedly transfer information from one system to another? This is error-prone and time-consuming work. Robotic process automation, or RPA for short, minimizes these tasks. Utilizing it will provide you with more time for your customers and can devote yourself to truly value-adding work - on a higher quality level.

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Virtual helpers increase efficiency and quality.

RPA ensures the automatic transfer of information from one system to another through virtual helpers (bots). A technology called screen scraping can be used. RPA is thus able to read the screen input and learn from your employees how to transfer the data. RPA does not require expensive interfaces (API).


A high degree of automation and practically unlimited application possibilities.

RPA not only supports the input of data, but also creates highly efficient processes. If, for instance, your customer cancels his order, the RPA robot automatically cancels the purchase amount and thus the refund - to the customer's credit card, for example.

Other typical examples of business process automation include:

  • Customer enquiries, application processing
  • Transfer of e-mail, form and office data into core systems
  • Master data maintenance
  • Complaint management
  • Processing of orders, shipping notifications, cancellations, etc.
  • Payroll accounting such as transferring and settling time statements and expenses, as well as bank details
  • Generating reports
  • Integrating legacy applications, e.g. recording mortgages in the core banking system Finnova


We measure the time you save: Get started now with a risk-free POC.

RPA with UMB starts with a proof of concept (POC) - requiring between three and five working days. This POC will clarify with absolute transparency whether RPA is really worthwhile for you. We will measure your saved time under real conditions!

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