Innovation Management Drives Digitization.

Innovation does not automatically arise in a business. In order for innovative ideas to grow and generate entrepreneurial success, not only ideas at management level, but ideas at all levels of the organization must be encouraged and supported. This requires process-based systematic innovation management as well as digital tools.

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Innovation is a prerequisite for success - especially in the IT industry where it plays a key role in driving digitization. Those who are not innovative run the risk of falling behind. Innovation is necessary to open up new markets, create new products and services or optimize existing products and services. Innovation also helps to improve existing business processes and make them more efficient.


Innovation management for the digital transformationon

In order for an innovative idea to be well received and able to grow within a company, there needs to be a suitable platform and a process. Companies would do well to appoint a responsible "innovation leader" or an "innovation board" in order to enable innovations to be included on the road map of digital transformation. On the one hand, this can be achieved by creating suitable parameters which falls under the responsibility of corporate management. On the other hand, actual innovation - the active search, development and implementation of ideas - must be promoted. This requires creativity and project management.


What are the customer benefits?

Benefits and added value for a business always result from good ideas. Such ideas must be found, designed and implemented. This makes the business more agile and capable to keep up with the competition and the demands of digitization. Innovative strength coming from within an enterprise promotes mutual cooperation; jointly developing, planning and implementing an innovative idea strengthens the team as well as corporate culture.


Popularizing the innovation process with UMB business automaton

At UMB we have popularized the innovation process with UMB business automation, our digitization solution. The platform is constantly used by our employees to bring new ideas into our team. The resulting projects flow directly into the digitization road map and are an integral part of our digital transformation. We would like to support you too with the innovation management in your company in order to achieve operational excellence.

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