IBM z15: The Cloud, as Secure and Private as You Need It

The cloud is becoming increasingly important, prevalent and secure. More and more companies are moving their applications to the cloud. IBM has developed the latest mainframe generation in the wake of this development. The newest mainframe model z15 was developed following the mantra "the cloud you want with the privacy and security you need".

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Maciej Serafin
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IBM z15™ offers companies the ability to manage customer data in hybrid, multi-cloud environments while ensuring protection of such data. For the first time, a single computer is expected to be able to continuously encrypt and control data traffic in such a hybrid environment.


A consistent separation of duty

IBM’s Pervasive Encryption means, data is encrypted and decrypted in-flight and can only be read by authorized applications and users. Data administrators will be able to back up and restore files and databases, but they will not be able to decrypt content. Thus, this feature allows for a continuous segregation of duty.
Together with the z15 and the new IBM Data Privacy Passports V1.0 beta program, data protection is being extended to other systems and cloud environments.
With the Secure Service Container and zCX Container Extention, Docker containers and Red Hat OpenShift are moving to the IBM Z platform in an encrypted and sealed environment.
Furthermore, the functions of the zEnterprise Data Compression Card (zEDC) have now been integrated on each processor chip. This allows compressions to be performed significantly faster with fewer CPU resources.


Stop faster, start faster

Using z/OS 2.4 and the new z15 you will be able to stop and restart z/OS much faster than before. The new feature making this possible is called System Recovery Boost, and it allows you to make CP processors out of your zIIP for a short time without increasing IBM software costs. The new z15 platform makes it possible to combine the advantages of existing z/OS applications with those of cloud services, such as containers, Kubernetes and others on one platform. And this, of course, with unrivalled security and availability compared to other platforms.


1'000'000'000 web transactions per day

The IBM z15 has twelve percent more processors and 25 percent more memory than its predecessor model and, according to IBM, can execute a trillion web transactions daily. The system is said to provide 30 times better latency than its predecessor model. Users will be able to scale 2.4 million Linux containers (dockers) on a single z15 system. The IBM LinuxOne III can run a secure, dynamic, stable and scalable private cloud with Secure Service Container and/or Linux for System Z. It is identical in construction to the z15 but lacks the z/OS support.

UMB can actively support and advise you on your way to a hybrid multi cloud. Did you know that the z15 is the first platform to introduce "quantum-safe" digital signing algorithms? The developers of the IBM Z platform are already planning for future security threats. Do you know any other platform where the same is true? We can expect many other new features in the future. Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in additional information.