IBM Power10 Launch: Powerful IT for the Hybrid Cloud.

The new IBM Power10 servers are computers with immensely powerful 7-nanometer processors designed to meet the demands of modern cloud computing platforms. The latest IBM Power generation will be launched globally at a virtual event on Wednesday, September 8.

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The cloud offers enormous advantages for businesses: Flexibility, security, the efficient use of data, and a high level of reliability are among them. For this reason, the hybrid cloud is at the heart of many companies' operations. Hybrid cloud computing in businesses, however, has special infrastructure requirements; and that's exactly what Power10 was designed for. The Power10 chip[i] at the heart of the server delivers up to three times the energy efficiency and workload capacity of POWER9. IBM's Power10 is the first server series ever to feature commercial 7nm processors. With the stated goal of making Red Hat OpenShift the standard for hybrid cloud, IBM with Power10 brings hardware-based capacity improvements and increased container security to the IT infrastructure layer.


What distinguishes the latest top performers in IBM's Power lineup?

Power10 providesmore security for the hybrid cloud: Cyberattacks are a constant threat in today's digital business environment, so data must be secure no matter where it resides. Power10 has four times as many encryption engines per core as POWER9.
Power10 enablesmore AI in your business: Thanks to AI improvements in CPU cores, Power10 can derive new information from pre-trained AI models up to 20 times faster than POWER9. This enables greater integration of AI and typical enterprise workloads in the hybrid cloud.
Power10 delivers more support for storage-intensive workloads: Memory Inception creates more storage availability in the cloud. This innovative technology bundles physical storage across a pool of systems where storage clusters of multiple petabytes can be accessed.
Power10 offers more energy efficiency and more capacity: The systems work with IBM's first 7nm processor and therefore provide more efficiency and higher performance in a smaller footprint.


IBM and UMB offer leading edge technology

IBM and UMB have been working together successfully for decades. UMB is the first and largest IBM Platinum Business Partner in Switzerland and the only IBM Storage and Power Systems Specialty Elite Partner. Furthermore, UMB is the most certified IBM partner in Switzerland - with over 350 IBM certifications and a leader in cloud and container technologies. The UMB Cloud offers a highly flexible and scalable PaaS option and combines the leading technologies from IBM and Red Hat.

Join us for the virtual IBM Power10 launch event on Wednesday afternoon, at 4:30pm. Contact us for additional information.


[i] IBM Power10 is Three Times More Powerful, Three Times More Efficient, and a Hybrid Cloud Specialist (