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When it comes to computing power and processors IBM has been a pioneer for decades. Recently, the company has announced its development of 2-nanometer processors. The design allows up to 50 billion transistors to be placed on a chip measuring one and a half square centimeters. But IBM is also confirming its leading position in the server market when it comes to computing power. The Power10 processor will go on sale at the end of this year.  It is an immensely powerful server processor designed to meet the demands of cloud computing platforms that require reliability, high performance, and security.

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IBM Power System with Power10, scheduled to be available in the fall, is IBM's first commercial offering to include 7nm IBM chips[i]. The processor is manufactured by Samsung. Samsung Electronics is a world leader in semiconductor manufacturing and successfully combines this expertise with IBM's CPU designs. IBM researchers have been working for more than a decade with Samsung in R&D.


More power, more efficiency, more security

IBM's Power10 is the first server series to feature commercial 7nm processors that offer three times more capacity and are three times more efficient than their predecessor IBM Power9. Also, IBM Power10 supports multi-petabyte storage clusters with a new technology called memory inception which is designed to improve cloud capacity and economics for memory-intensive workloads and large-model AI inference. In addition, new hardware-enabled security features are integrated, such as transparent storage encryption to support end-to-end security. The IBM Power10 processor is designed to deliver significantly faster encryption performance. Compared to IBM Power9 it includes four times the number of AES encryption engines per core to achieve future cryptographic standards such as quantum-safe cryptography and fully homomorphic encryption. It also brings additional improvements for container security.


A processor for the enterprise hybrid cloud

New core architectures in the IBM Power10 processor translate to the CPU's ability to recognize and process information from AI models faster and more efficiently. IBM Power10 will be up to 20 times faster than its Power9 predecessor in this regard, and this capacity will allow cloud platforms typically designed for enterprise workloads to incorporate AI assignments, which this processor can easily handle. IBM Power10 is the leading processor designed for the enterprise hybrid cloud, says IBM's Stephen Leonard. With the stated goal of making Red Hat OpenShift the standard for hybrid clouds, IBM Power10 brings hardware-based improvements in capacity and security for containers to the IT infrastructure level.


Nanometer processors for longer battery life

IBM is also ahead of the competition when it comes to the next big step in processor research: The company has demonstrated that it can place 333 million transistors per square millimeter on one chip[ii]. TSMC's 5-nanometer process achieves 170 million transistors, while Intel's 10-nanometer process achieves 100 million transistors. However, it will still be a while before the 2-nanometer processors are commercially available (estimated at three years[iii]). When the time comes, the practical benefits of the technology will quickly be felt in everyday life as well. The massive increase in the number of transistors per chip makes the processors smaller, faster, more reliable, and more efficient. 45 percent more performance and 75 percent less energy consumption is expected from the new technology compared to the 7 nanometer Power10 series. As a result, IBM promises that the 2-nanometer chip technology will lead to a quadrupling of cell phone battery life and a significant acceleration of laptop computers. Finally, the new processor technology will enable self-driving cars to recognize objects faster and respond more quickly. Last but not least, the latest processors will help to slow down the energy consumption of data centers, which currently accounts for around one percent of global consumption[iv].


Leading edge technology with IBM and UMB

IBM and UMB have been working together successfully for decades. UMB is the first and largest IBM platinum business partner in Switzerland and the only IBM storage and power systems specialty elite partner. UMB is the most certified IBM partner in Switzerland - with well over 350 IBM certifications and is also a leader in cloud and container technologies. As the largest IBM partner in Switzerland, UMB has decades of unrivalled expertise in the IBM mainframe sector. UMB also offers an IBM Power-based cloud as part of SAP services, providing plenty of speed as well as IBM Power-typical high reliability and flexibility. Contact us for additional information.