Green IT that Keeps its Promise: Saving Energy with a Linux Server System.

Highest performance and environmentally friendly computing are not mutually exclusive, as is demonstrated by IBM with the latest LinuxONE generation.  Its top model is a highly scalable Linux and Kubernetes-based platform based on the new z16 technology. IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 runs exclusively on Linux and, in addition to offering massive performance compared to comparable x86 servers, massively reduces energy consumption and takes up less space - key advantages that are invaluable right now.

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Sustainability is a key word on everybody's lips, especially in connection with energy consumption. According to an IBM study, almost half of all CEOs claim that increasing sustainability is one of the highest priorities for their company[i]. However, 51 percent of CEOs also cite sustainability as one of the biggest challenges. For these leaders, scaling their business with modern infrastructure is often one of the barriers to achieving sustainability goals. In fact, achieving sustainability while delivering a measurable return on investment (ROI) is a major challenge. Technology is the critical factor in achieving this goal.


Truly green IT saves energy

Data centers are known to consume a lot of energy and can account for a large proportion of a company's energy consumption [ii]. This is where IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 comes in. The system offers scalability to support thousands of workloads on a single platform - and does so under the popular working title of Green IT.  The results of an internal study showed that consolidating Linux workloads onto five IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 systems - rather than running them on comparable x86 servers under similar conditions - can reduce energy consumption by 75 percent, data center footprint by 50 percent and carbon footprint by more than 850 tons annually[iii]. LinuxONE Emperor 4 is designed to balance resources with on-demand capacity; workloads can be scaled up and down dynamically and non-disruptively. Customers can increase capacity by turning on unused cores without increasing energy consumption. In addition, energy consumption can be tracked with IBM Instana Observability on LinuxONE to better understand one's position on the efficiency and sustainability scale. Thanks to these features, LinuxONE Emperor 4 is able to optimize data centers while meeting the high demands associated with them.


Data protection featuring end-to-end encryption

LinuxONE Emperor 4 systems feature the new Telum dual-processor z16 chip, which runs at 5.2 GHz and has 16 cores using 7-nm chip technology. Up to 40 TBytes of redundant array of independent memory (RAIM) is installed per system. The new model is available with up to 200 configurable cores. The new LinuxONE systems encrypt data end-to-end, both at rest and during operation, which is extremely important for customers in highly regulated industries, such as the financial sector. This comprehensive data protection profile ensures that current and future cybersecurity protocols are supported. IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 supports a wide range of Linux and Red Hat OpenShift workloads, including data serving, core banking and digital assets.
IT managers need an easy-to-use system that supports common tools and is future-proof. LinuxONE allows them to focus on delivering new services instead of managing complexity across a large number of servers. Based on Linux and Kubernetes, both developers and managers benefit from open standards and an ecosystem that includes modern DevSecOps and cloud-native tools.


For powerful and sustainable data centers: UMB and IBM

IBM LinuxONE systems are designed to optimize data centers by reducing energy consumption and increasing efficiency. IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 has been called the most powerful, scalable, and secure Linux-based system ever produced[iv]. It has been available worldwide since September. Entry-level and midrange systems will follow in the first half of 2023.

High-availability data centers develop their full performance when they are intelligently constructed and operated with modern equipment. UMB has the expertise and partners to help you build successful data centers. IBM and UMB have shared decades of successful cooperation. UMB is the first and largest IBM Platinum Business Partner in Switzerland and the most certified IBM partner in Switzerland - with well over 350 IBM certifications. Turn your data center now into a powerful and sustainable tool that helps you realize long-term strategic projects. Contact us.


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