From Km/h to GHz and Gbits - with Speed and Enthusiasm.

Speed, precision, responsiveness and the appropriate tools: this is what a racing driver needs just as much as a systems engineer who applies his talents to work for UMB. If this UMB system engineer is also a hobby racing driver at the Nürburgring, then his job and leisure activities are a perfect match. That's precisely why a large UMB logo is emblazoned on Simone Cutruneo's car.

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Simone Cutruneo has been a systems engineer for 10 years - for more than a year now with UMB. His competence is broadly based - he has a Swiss federal certificate of competence and, in recent years, has been certified by various manufacturers for various services. One of his specialties is the planning, implementation, and integration of client server environments in Microsoft and Citrix, as well as in SCCM and APP-V environments. In addition, he also specializes in the fields of Windows operating systems and Symantec backup and endpoint security. However, Mr. Cutruneo is not only enthusiastic about his customers. He sometimes makes the UMB logo vibrate - at speeds of over 200 km/h.


The UMB logo on the hood

The UMB logo is emblazoned on the hood of a BMW 135i Coupé which, as the driver says, has been modified to make it rather impractical for daily use on the road, but perfectly fit for the racetrack. However, the car is also certified on the road, so the journey to the racetrack does not become too complicated. A safety cell, six-point seat belts, bucket seats, and semi-slick tires make the car suitable for racing, and the UMB System Engineer has already clocked up more than 200 laps on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring with his UMB BMW. [1]

You don't need to be a qualified racing driver to drive a few laps on the Nürburgring [2] as a so-called tourist - but it helps if you have the talent and skills to make it not only a safe but also a fast lap. Cutruneo's best time for the 20.8 kilometers is seven minutes and 59 seconds - a respectable average speed of 156 km/h. Nevertheless, the UMB racer says that he is not interested in being the fastest, but simply enjoying himself on the track.


From the race track to the workplace

This enthusiasm is what the UMB System Engineer also brings to his workplace. Although the calculations here are not based on km/h and rpm but rather on Gbit/s and GHz, swiftness and speed are also in demand, both in data processing and in solving problems together with customers. Simone Cutruneo knows this, and sees the similarities to his hobby. He sums them up: "A race track without real run-off areas has a lot in common with a complex IT environment at a customer's premises. Mistakes are not permitted, and there is a lot at stake. Speed and responsiveness are very important - otherwise it can get very expensive. Speaking of money: The racing hobby is not entirely cheap. There are, of course, the expenses for the equipment and then there is the price for accessing a famous racecourse; one lap on the Nordschleife costs 30 Euros.

If you too would like to test yourself and your car at the Nürburgring, Simone Cutruneo will be happy to give you a few useful hints. And of course he is also available to take care of your IT concerns. Simply contact him.


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