Does Your IT Have the Ideal Weight? We Can Measure Your Company's BMI Now!

The BMI body mass index compares height and weight and is an important measure of a person's fitness. UMB has developed a method to calculate how large your IT should ideally be - a BMI for companies - based on your company’s size, industry and number of employees.

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Are there IT problems arising within your company again and again? Maybe your IT is too 'thin'. Or it has the right weight, but requires a new structure. Has your IT been running smoothly for years? That's great, but it could also indicate that your IT is too 'fat' and thus too expensive.


Test the BMI of your IT now

Our consulting team will test your IT using the exclusive UMB BMI. We know how to do this because our specialists, from experience in countless projects, know how many IT resources are typically needed in a company of your size and type.


Create certainty now without obligation - with the UMB BMI

Enter your data now in the form below. Your information will of course be treated confidentially. We will analyze it and ask you for an appointment to discuss further details by telephone.

Upon completion, you will receive a UMB BMI evaluation sheet regarding your company, which we will be presenting to you. On request, we will also draw up a concrete action plan. Costs for UMB BMI: CHF 790.-