Digital Cooperation Requires Special Security Measures

In many companies, Citrix stands for mobile working and allows people all over the world, regardless of their location, to cooperate digitally. In doing so, data security plays an immensely important role. This often leads to a dilemma: How can security, usability, and operating costs be balanced?

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Particular security issues arise in connection with location-independent cooperation and mobile operations. The multiplication of devices, applications, and locations increases security risks. Citrix architecture helps to improve security because data always remains at the data center, regardless of the device and location from which it is being processed. But the threat from the outside is still very real, and that's where modern antivirus software comes in.


Antivirus performance requires resource planning

Not that long ago, antivirus software was simply an application installed to provide virus protection. Every now and then an update had to be installed - and that was quite enough. True to the motto: Don't spend too much time on it.

However, modern antivirus software has advanced to a high-quality product offering many possibilities and defensive capabilities that are not limited to viruses. Although the manufacturers do not like to admit it, there is one drawback: AV software takes up resources and leads to a loss of performance in the system. Among other things, this means that the protected systems can host fewer users per server. This fact must be taken into account in resource planning - just as configuring the AV software should be integrated into project planning.

In other words, security does not come cheap: in addition to the licenses, resources used by security software must also be covered. These costs are the price companies have to pay to secure their IT infrastructure today.


Does every Citrix environment need an antivirus system?

Could you do without an antivirus solution for your specific Citrix environment? Probably not. In theory, you could build a Citrix environment without antivirus software but only if all surrounding systems are sufficiently protected. However, such a configuration is not ideal, and we do not recommend it.

There are numerous AV products available on the market. At UMB we have chosen Sophos for infrastructure and F-Secure for provisioned environments. Both products have their specific strengths, and when combined they provide an excellent solution. Where Sophos follows the classic approach (everything is scanned except what admin excludes), F-Secure works on a different principle: anything with a valid signature is considered trustworthy. Should anything change regarding signatures, action will be taken immediately.


UMB with Citrix enables an integrated workplace strategy

UMB and Citrix are leading edge partners. Citrix lets people cooperate digitally, regardless of location; UMB, as Citrix Platinum Solution Advisor, helps you to unleash this enormous potential in your company as efficiently as possible. UMB can offer a consistent workstation and mobile device strategy by using Citrix, with the highest demands on performance, usability and stability. Please contact me.