Data Backup and Data Protection in the Cloud.

Last year, cloud computing revenues of approximately CHF 143 billion were generated worldwide. A large part of these services relate to the outsourcing and backup of data in the cloud. Cloud providers are well aware that business customers attach top priority to the security of their outsourced data. Compliance requirements must be met as well; the new European Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR) is also affecting the outsourcing of data in Switzerland.

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Customer information, financial data, management records, strategy papers, and employee data are extremely valuable and must be protected - to some extent stipulated by law. Data loss is not an option for a successful company. Data security is therefore, just like data protection, one of the top priorities of IT managers. Not so long ago, many companies stored their important data on tapes and stored them in a safe. This is no longer necessary: A better option is the use of a reliable IT service and cloud provider that is able to back up company data and productive customer systems at an external location.


Protection from criminals and other disasters

The outsourcing of your data backup to the cloud will not only protect you from technical catastrophes and destructive natural events, but also from becoming a victim of cyber criminals who, for example, intend to shut down your systems and demand ransom payments via blackmail trojans.

Needless to say, professional backup also needs to meet compliance requirements, which, in the age of the European General Data Protection Regulation, is not always easy, especially for SMEs. The new rules are relevant for Switzerland because they apply to all companies doing business in the EU processing the personal data of EU customers. Especially when it comes to backup, archiving, and disaster recovery, the new regulation has a very immediate effect. For example, customers have the right to have their data removed, even if they have previously agreed to data storage. Such a request for deletion means that personal information in the cloud and other remote locations, such as data repositories, must ultimately also be removed.


Geographical separation to avoid blackouts

UMB is an important sourcing partner for numerous well-known companies and operates IT infrastructures for customers in a wide variety of industries. Data managed by UMB in this context is secured in accordance with the enormous responsibility that goes with it. Geographically separated UMB data centers provide a high-performance and highly redundant infrastructure platform for the highest possible security of customer data. Datacenter performance is monitored around the clock and transparently displayed at all times. Once the backup is complete, the data is copied to a UMB data centre in the Gotthard massif. In this rock fortress, fast access times are guaranteed with a disk-based storage system, which facilitates compliance with European data protection regulations.

UMB can generally support you in complying with the GDPR, including in conjunction with comprehensive backup services. Our team is very familiar with modern data management, i.e., data backup, archiving, data protection, and disaster recovery.

If you too would like to check and renew your backup and recovery system or learn more about your data: We can help.

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