Changing work patterns lead to new risks.

There is a clear trend towards home office, future workplace, and BYOD. This is a sensible development leading to a high degree of work flexibility but unfortunately also makes cyber criminals happy. After all, approximately 70 percent of successful cyberattacks are conducted via the end point. The UMB cyber security experts can check the security of your environment under these changing work practices. 

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Home office can mess up your entire security strategy. Employees used to work within the company, but now they get to work by way of new connections. If one of your co-workers falls victim to a phishing attack, your data is at risk.

End point protection and vulnerability management increase security. 

The first thing we recommend is to train your staff in dealing with potential threats. In addition, a concept for the detection of existing security threats is needed. This protection will be provided by vulnerability management. 

End point protection will detect a user or device behaving abnormally - a typical sign that something is wrong. It could be someone dialing in the middle of the night, logging in from an unusual location, or simply doing things they've never done before. 

UMB vulnerability management creates clarity thanks to risk score visualization.

Changing work habits lead to new risks. The UMB security team will check your perimeter infrastructure and/or the entire IT environment and create a risk score report. This report is based on existing vulnerabilities and assesses the security level of your assets with regard to criticality and complexity.

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