Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence: A Promising Combination.

Business intelligence (BI) and artificial intelligence (AI) are increasingly going hand in hand but have not yet reached the same level of integration in day-to-day business. IBM wants to change this. With its PowerAI Enterprise platform, IBM offers an opportunity to profitably deploy artificial intelligence in companies.

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Business intelligence, a term that could also be used to describe business analytics, is often applied to make management decisions. It involves data analysis, data mining, the analysis of business processes, text mining, and the use of predictive and prescriptive analytics. These tasks call for almost unrestrained IT processing performance - because BI technology must be able to process large amounts of structured and unstructured business data and make them accessible and interpretable. BI thrives on collecting and analyzing data from both external and internal sources. The evaluation of such data provides insights that go to the heart of a company's success: Markets as well as supply and demand can be estimated and precisely managed - among other things. It also enables the success rates of marketing efforts and advertising measures to be determined. This is where deep learning, machine learning and AI come into play.


A platform for data science as a service

With PowerAI enterprise, IBM offers a platform that meets these performance requirements and combines business intelligence goals with AI tools that are easier for employees to access in day-to-day business. PowerAI Enterprise combines common open source frameworks for deep learning with AI development tools and powerful Power Systems servers. This includes all necessary dependencies and files - precompiled and ready to use. The entire AI suite is optimized for reliable execution on accelerated Power Servers. This includes the improved version of the AC922 server with NVIDIA V100 GPUs and NVLink for accelerated system communication. This server is many times more powerful than x86 models and is perfectly suited for AI requirements and data processing in HCP systems (it is also the driving force behind today's fastest computer in the world, the IBM Summit). IBM calls the PowerAI enterprise platform "a complete environment for data science as a service" designed to facilitate the integration of AI into enterprise applications. The aim is to improve the collection and processing of business data for analysis as well as the implementation of algorithms with this refined data.


Business intelligence and enterprise AI as a priority

IBM signals with this offer that business intelligence and enterprise AI are among the company priorities. UMB possesses all the capabilities to support this offering; UMB integrates IBM technology, software, and services with know-how that is unique in Switzerland. We are the only IBM partner in this country to be awarded Elite Specialty Status for IBM Power and Storage. We combine IBM infrastructure, IBM middleware and IBM solutions with our experience and continuous training of our team. Over 350 IBM certifications underline the expertise of our UMB specialists.

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