1_Rebranding ___ the art of creating time

Cham, 13. January 2020 – We believe that time is one of the most valuable resources in the world. Time is therefore the raw material to turn good ideas into great projects.
By giving our clients more time, we help them to continuously strengthen their core competencies and produce exceptional results.
Several times we have been honored as the best employer in Switzerland, and we are the best Swiss employer in Europe. Young talents and seasoned leaders, you are always welcome to join us in "the art of creating time".

Matthias Keller
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Existing trademark, new brand idea

Based on our great success in recent years, we have sharpened our profile to be iconic in terms of content and communication. The name UMB - a German abbreviation for “with enthusiasm on the go” - remains a trademark, as does the UMB trademark itself. Our claim "creating time", which is legally protected, is new. It is aligned with the brand idea and will be promoted accordingly.

The entire presentation has been simplified and its content has been aligned on the basis of our brand idea. Our distinctive yellow line is now a timeline and refers again and again to how and where we generate time for our customers and their great innovations and services. However, the same also applies internally to our team. Based on the brand idea of "creating time" we have developed further benefits for our team of employees. After all, we obviously want to continue to live up to our reputation as Switzerland's best employer.


Making «creating time» visible as a co-creation.

The transformation of business processes and technology is growing in complexity. Both are omnipresent and yet almost invisible. Really good business processes and technology run unnoticed in the background. Above all, technical details are not relevant for those who benefit from them. Users are interested in what they can do with it, how technology makes their lives easier, how it makes them more efficient and how much new business can be generated using it. That's why, in our communication, we focus on the additional service that is provided to our customers as well as their customers. Co-creation for more time.


Experience «creating time» in terms of communication.

We all know them - waiting lines, slow processes or moments when we think: Couldn't this have been done better with a little more time? These are the topics we take up in promoting "creating time" - by advertising, social media and the labelling of UMB locations.

We began with a teaser campaign at Zurich's main station, asking passers-by questions about their attitude towards their own time and how they deal with it. This is resolved with six client co-creation motifs on wasting and creating time.

You can experience a first insight into the great potential of "creating time" on Saturday, January 18, 2020 at Zurich Main Station. In co-creation with our cloud customer, holiday provider Hapimag, we will give away holiday time. Above all to those who need it most.